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GLENN: I want to go over the WikiLeaks and last hour I asked you, are you
surprised by anything that is coming out of the WikiLeaks stories? Are you
surprised that these documents show that China has helped Iran with a bomb? No.
We told you that. Are you surprised that North Korea may have supplied a bomb to
Iran? No. We told you they were doing that. Are you surprised that Putin is not
a friend of the United States? No, you’d have to be a dead man. Are you
surprised that we’re in a really difficult situation with our, quote, ally
Pakistan? Are you surprised that the major funder of Al Qaeda is Saudi Arabia?
No, I’m not surprised by any of these. Are you? Is anyone in America surprised
by these? So why is this coming out? Why is this coming out? If you look at the
headline of the Drudge Report, it gives you a clue. Now, I understand that it’s
just the Drudge Report, but I think it’s interesting that the headline is
WikiLeaks turns on Obama. If you notice, there seems to be a gap here. There’s
no George Bush stuff, or very little. It’s, most of it is Obama stuff. Turns on
Obama. Who where did these documents come from? These documents came from a guy,
Bradley Manning. He is apparently upset with I don’t know his whole story. He
was jilted by a boyfriend or something and… I don’t know. But who’s supporting
him? And are there any connections to WikiLeaks, to spooky dude? Well, we spent
the weekend having our researchers look into it. Yes, surprisingly enough. Let’s
take a look at who’s supporting the guy who is releasing all of this and who’s
helping WikiLeaks. Who’s involved? Are there any ties? And then maybe we’ll
answer the question, why is this coming out? We’ll give you that here coming up
in a second.

(OUT 10:16)

GLENN: So let’s take a look here. Let’s take a look at Bradley Manning
supporters. This is the guy who actually got the documents to WikiLeaks. Code
Pink. Code Pink, Code Pink. Wait a minute. Code Pink is related to Bill Ayers
and Bernardine Dohrn and the whole anti Israel thing. Remember the flotilla? I
believe Code Pink, doesn’t Code Pink, can you look in? I think Code Pink gets
money from Soros. Noam Chomsky, love Noam. You like Noam?

PAT: I’ve always loved Noam.

GLENN: He’s wonderful. He’s a communist. Michael Moore. Hmmm.

PAT: Hmmm.

GLENN: Then you have the Movement for Democratic Society. Now, what is the
Movement for Democratic Society?

PAT: That must be good. It’s got "Democratic" in it.

GLENN: It is. It’s the adult counterpart of the Students for a Democratic
Society. So it’s like the Grey Panthers and the Black Panthers. The Grey
Panthers are the old ones? Now, who’s the guy who started SDS back in the 1960s?
He’s the guy who’s now running the Open Society Institute for George Soros. Oh.
So that’s

PAT: Hmmm.

GLENN: That’s good. WikiLeaks founders when they started to talk about the need
to raise $5 million, they said the only ones that had this kind of money that
could do what they were looking to do was the CIA or George Soros. And they
complained that the original the initial round of publicity had, quote, affected
our delicate negotiations with the Open Society Institute.

Now, I’m sure George Soros, because he’s come out and he has said he is so
against this WikiLeaks thing, he is so against it. Uh huh. WikiLeaks’ advisory
board member was a director of the China office of Human Rights Watch, which is
Soros funded. Which the WikiLeaks editor, you know, he’s hiding out in Great
Britain, he’s represented by attorney Mark Stevens, which is weird because
Stevens also does pro bono work for the Open Society Institute. Isn’t that
weird? Huh. The Soros funded Kenya Human Rights Commission published an award
winning WikiLeaks report and its editor, one Julian Assange, won the Amnesty
International 2009 media award for the report Cry of Blood, and Soros should
know something about the Cry of Blood. Soros, of course, funded the Kenya
National Commission on Human Rights. So we have that going for us.

So now what am I alleging here? Well, I remind you of the, what is it, 1945 or
’46 uprising in Czechoslovakia where the people at the top had a different
agenda and they infiltrated the government of Czechoslovakia. They were
communists and they infiltrated. And then unbeknownst to the average person they
orchestrated all kinds of events on the ground, caused chaos, and had people to
cry out to the government who they thought were on their side. "You’ve got to
stop the madness." It’s bottom up, top down and inside out. It is the theory
that Van Jones, who George Soros has courted since his time in Oakland, he has
paid for every step of the way, Van Jones. Van Jones is a George Soros
operative. And quite frankly probably the one with the brightest future. Top
down, bottom up, inside out.

What are people saying right now? Can’t we stop these people? Can’t we stop
these people? How do we stop WikiLeaks? So the people are crying out, stop the
release of this information. But you’ll notice that the information isn’t
surprising. It’s all information you already knew. And it verifies that your
government is lying to you, which gives you two things. One, a distrust of
government, which we showed you in the Soros special is, what, Step Number 3 or
Step Number 4? Make sure people don’t trust the government. Well, there you go.
Now you don’t trust the government to tell you the truth. Why? Because they’re
lying to you. But now you have verification that they’re lying to you. And at
the same time you have people crying out, can’t we stop these people? Hmmm. So
the bottom rises up and people cry out, can’t we stop them, and the top, of
course, is there to make sure things like this just don’t happen for your
protection. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with WikiLeaks and I don’t agree with
Julian Assange. I don’t, I don’t think these are good guys. But so far all they
have done is release the fact that your government has been lying to you. Not
surprising. I haven’t seen names of people. That’s what concerns me, operatives.
I think this is extraordinarily dangerous. But I reserve my right to cry out for
them being shut down on put into jail, for a government that I do trust. I’m
sorry I’m unwilling when I’ve got a government shutting down websites for Prada
purses but they won’t shut this one down. They will shut the Prada purses down
on the same weekend that they are frisking grandma at the airport and yet they
still won’t recognize that there are people who are Islamic and crazy and want
to kill us. They won’t recognize that.

Our president has talked about Republicans, conservatives and tea parties as
being the enemies. Hmmm. No, I don’t, I don’t think I trust him or anyone around
him to bring the top down and silence people, especially since it’s
coincidentally the week that the FCC is deciding whether or not they are going
to help in Net neutrality, which would regulate the Internet. Oh, that will be
helpful. And Howard Dean is talking about how MSNBC and Fox should be curtailed.
Again, what did I say? They will gladly throw MSNBC to the wolves because they
have already played their role. They are no longer useful to them. So they will
discard them. They are also being sold to another channel, and you know that any
businessman is going to look at that model and say you’ve practically destroyed
NBC. So sorry, guys, we have to reset. So, of course, they’ll throw that one.
"You know what? We’ll give you MSNBC. You just give us Fox." No, I don’t think
that’s a fair trade. No. Sorry. Back in a minute.