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PAT: Prices so low.

GLENN: I’m here.

PAT: He can’t say them on the air.

GLENN: I’m here. I mean, who’s his boss? I’m here. I don’t know I go onto the website today and I just laughed. I didn’t know this was coming. I think this is a scream. And they are loco. The prices are loco. And I am actually pissed off that the Obama, Dashboard Obama is a dollar.

STU: It’s a dollar?

GLENN: It’s a dollar.

PAT: That’s loco.

STU: That is loco.

PAT: That’s a price so low, you should not have said it on the radio!

GLENN: (Laughing).

STU: (Laughing).

GLENN: I love the Dashboard Obama. I think it’s the best thing we sell. It’s a dollar?

STU: Just today, though.

GLENN: That’s wrong.

Deals expire at midnight, PT so act quickly to take advantage of these discounts!

STU: Just today. Because it’s loco, loco, loco! I love these commercials that they have this they just pick out this one employee who’s apparently taken over all the pricing and the boss is off town. They don’t know how to handle the business? They just keep fumbling around and making everything almost free! Like it’s this huge mistake! We’ve ordered 50 times the merchandise! What are we going to do?

PAT: We ordered 97,000 cars for this one day only, once! We meant to only order nine!

STU: Don’t you want to do business with a company that’s this incompetent? We ordered 500,000 times the stuff we need! Oopsie daisy!

GLENN: I love this. Like your boss isn’t going to find out the next day. Like, what happened and everybody’s standing around going, nothing.

STU: Nothing.

GLENN: Everything’s good, everything’s good. At the end of the month they are going to get the invoice. They are going to see, what the hell happened?

PAT: How did you sell GMC trucks for $89? How did you do that?

STU: We just ordered too many? We needed to clear out the lot before he got back!

PAT: (Laughing). We had no room!

STU: (Laughing).

GLENN: This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well.

PAT: No.

GLENN: But it ends tomorrow, so it ends actually tonight at midnight. So I don’t know what time, what time zone midnight, but check it out now. The Dashboard Obama is a dollar. It’s not right. It’s not right. Check it out at