Week of December 6th, 2010

It’s a big week on Insider Extreme! We have two big premiers and a lot of great content On Demand, like a new Czar-at-Large, Beck University Extra Credit classes and the 8/28 Vignettes. Head over to the Specials Tab on Insider Demand and see what’s new!

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Merry Christmas: Have you made your list and checked it twice? You better get a move on, because Christmas is just around the corner! Kick off your holiday season with Insider Extreme Tuesday at 8pm EST for the premiere of our full length documentary American Traditions: Christmas. It seems like Christmas has been around forever but it might surprise you to know, in historical terms, it’s a relatively new American tradition. Join us as we explore the history of Christmas in America and reminisce about yuletide memories with Glenn Beck, Andy Williams, Janine Turner, Ted Nugent, Alveda King, Buzz Aldrin, Peter Billingsley (aka Ralphie from A Christmas Story) and, of course, Santa himself. Gather your loved ones and create a new Christmas memory with Insider Extreme! Check out a sneak peek of what to expect above.

Beck University: After weeks of learning about history as it really happened, it is finally the last week of Beck University’s Fall Semester. We’ve learned about the principles America was founded upon, the rise and almost fall of the Republic, and on Wednesday at 8pm EST Insider Extreme brings you: Presidents You Should Hate. We all know how Glenn feels about Woodrow Wilson (he hates that guy) but do you know how Wilson got his progressive ideas? This Wednesday, learn about the root of progressivism in America and how Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt advanced its agenda. Knowledge is power, and you won’t find this information in your children’s history books!

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