Classic Christie: Vows to ‘Punch’ Teachers Unions

GLENN: All right. So anyway, here’s Chris Christie and talking about the
situation of education and what should be said to parents by the principals.

PAT: And the first thing he pointed out is that throwing money at the education
problem doesn’t help.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: $25,000 per student in New York or Newark, and their education system

CHRISTIE: Yet, yet 104,000 students are trapped in New Jersey today in 205
chronically failing stools. In 2009, 40% of New Jersey’s African American
students and 32% of our Hispanic students were unable to meet any basic
standards on the national tests.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

CHRISTIE: In 2009 nearly 30% of all eighth graders in New Jersey, not just our
urban challenged children but of all eighth grade students in New Jersey lacked
basic math skills.

REPORTER: Governor Christie said he wished failing schools would be honest with

GLENN: Now, listen to this.

REPORTER: He said on back to school nights this should what should happen.

CHRISTIE: Principal should walk into the classroom and say, parents, good
evening, I’m the principal and I want to welcome you to back to school night.
Your teacher this year is Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith is an awful teacher.
(Laughter). Really seriously by any measure, she’s not good.

STU: (Laughing).

CHRISTIE: Her students underachieve consistently on testing, they don’t like
coming to her class. She doesn’t really care. She’s using the same lesson plans
that she used 15 years ago. And no matter what we’ve tried to do to encourage
her to get more training, to change her attitude, she simply refuses to do it.

Now, our problem is that because of this union contract we have in our district,
we can’t fire her or do anything to her.

PAT: Wow.

CHRISTIE: So as much as we’ve tried, we just have concluded that we’re not going
to change her. Have a great year. (Applause).

GLENN: Fantastic.

CHRISTIE: The worst schools are continuing to be allowed to operate without any
effort systematically to fix them. It is time for us to stand up and demand that
the teachers, the principals and the administrators truly do what the teachers
union says they do every day.

GLENN: Okay.

CHRISTIE: Putting the children first.

GLENN: Stop. This is the deal. This can sound like an anti teacher rant. It’s an
anti bad teacher rant. And the teachers unions keep all unions keep the worst
people as part of the team. The idea, unions are socialist in nature. Everybody
gets paid the same. There’s nobody better or worse. And you just have to carry
the weakest among you. And that’s not good. That’s not good.

Now, I know 90% of the union workers like last night we were in a union theater.
We couldn’t move a chair. That’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous. I mean, I almost
had to go into the cafeteria and have a union member pull the chair out from the
table so I could sit. I mean, it’s ridiculous.

STU: Yeah, the rules are ridiculous. Nice guys and everything.

GLENN: They were great guys and they did their job.

STU: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: I didn’t see a single lazy person at that theater. They were great. They
were great. But the union rules are ridiculous and there are those union members
that suck. And they should be fired. Now, I didn’t see any last night, but I’ve
worked with unions many times and most of the people are great. It’s the union
leadership that is out of step, that don’t care, that are all about their own
pensions. That’s why their union pensions up the he top are all fully funded,
sometimes at 120%. But the worker? Their pensions are not. And those are the
ones that are in trouble. The leadership? Oh, they got theirs. They got theirs.
Union members need to wake up. It’s the leadership that’s the problem.