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GLENN: A small Pennsylvania town has removed a nativity scene from its
borough building after a resident complained that the scene is offensive to
non-Christians. How many times have you little baby Jesus and thought to
yourself (screaming)? All the time.

PAT: Every time it scares me. It offends me.

GLENN: Little babies, man.

PAT: Swallowed my tongue one time.

GLENN: Did you really?

PAT: When I was walking by a nativity scene.

GLENN: Town leaders say they don’t like to remove it, but they are legal
obligated now.

PAT: I would like to ask these town leaders in what way?


PAT: How does that legally obligate you to remove it?

GLENN: Because they this person I’m not going to give you the name because it’s
not important.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Said that it was disrespectful to citizens who aren’t Christians.

PAT: So.

GLENN: And shouldn’t be in a government building.

PAT: What’s your point?

GLENN: It’s highly disrespectful to them.

PAT: How? In what way? We’re not asking you to

GLENN: To those that are not Christians, for it to be displayed in a government

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: It’s a government that’s supposed to represent all of its citizens.

PAT: It does.

GLENN: Not just the majority.

PAT: It does, just because we put out this nativity scene doesn’t mean we
represent all people.

GLENN: No. You’re wrong. It’s been in the building for 57 years. Now they’re
removing it. Hasn’t it been there long enough?

PAT: No, no. It hasn’t. I would like to know how it’s disrespectful to anybody
to put up a nativity scene.

GLENN: Well, of course, the Knights of Columbus.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: You know, religious people.

PAT: Right.

GLENN: They say we think you should show tolerance to one another. It’s
disrespectful to my rights, too, to

PAT: I think they’re saying it’s disrespectful to have it taken down.

GLENN: Yeah. That’s what

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Was it that hard to follow?

PAT: No.

GLENN: Do you want me to do the math? I was just quoting. I’m sorry.

PAT: All right. You weren’t quoting very well, but

GLENN: I’m reading it right here. I think we have to show tolerance to another
one. It’s disrespectful to my rights, too.

PAT: You screwed it up with again.

GLENN: It’s disrespectful to my rights, too.

PAT: You got it that time. (Applause.) You got it. That was good.

GLENN: Are you clapping, Stu? You’re clapping?

PAT: He was. He did. I heard him. I heard him.

GLENN: Yeah. You you see what I got for Christmas. I’m putting the clapper on
your microphone.

STU: That’s a weird solution.

GLENN: Yeah. That’s right. Every time you clap, it will just shut your
microphone down. You go ahead and clap all you want.

PAT: Remember the clapper? That was a great device.

GLENN: I personally like the Christmas scene

STU: He didn’t want to talk about the clapper at all.

PAT: No. He didn’t want to.

PAT AND STU: Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off, the clapper.