It’s hard to miss an answer to prayer when it comes knocking on your front door.

Yet that’s what happened, according to members of the Rick and Ruth Clark family, who have spent the last several weeks marveling at what they believe is God’s response to the prayers of their sons, all four of whom are in wheelchairs as muscular dystrophy has taken its toll on their mobility. They have little to no use of their limbs.

There was no spontaneous healing, no overnight cure. But for the Clark family, a "miracle" they could never have imagined or hoped for occurred.

It was a busy Saturday last summer at the Clark home, with laundry and household chores in progress. Ruth happened to be outside as her brother Roy, a local sheriff, drove past, escorting nationally syndicated radio talk show host Glenn Beck, who was in Idaho on a fundraising visit for then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

She waved and went about her business, thinking to herself: "I’m so glad they didn’t stop. We’re a mess."

But minutes later, Beck was at her door, visiting with her sons and stepping over piles of laundry as they showed him their hunting trophies displayed throughout the house.