GLENN: No, Linda, that’s hate mongering. You and I know it. That’s hate mongering. Thanks for your call.


 Kathy, you’re on the Glenn Beck program.


 CALLER: Oh, good morning to you.


 GLENN: How are you?


 CALLER: I respectfully disagree with most of your policies and what you say on the air, especially in the last week. Listen.


 GLENN: Okay.


 CALLER: Let’s — I hope you don’t mind.


 GLENN: I don’t mind. It’s America.


 CALLER: Let’s refer to the war of the trillion on this war in Iraq which really didn’t have to happen at all. You know, when people in this country need healthcare, they need healthcare and if they don’t get it, they go on disability and more money is taken from people. And I want to tell you, if we can spend a trillion dollars on war, we can spend trillion dollars on our own people.


 GLENN: Why is government — wait. Why is more money taken away from people? It’s just government healthcare. Government just has that money.


 CALLER: Excuse me?


 GLENN: You said disability, people go on disability, then even more money.


 CALLER: Healthcare, you’ll go on disability because your situation will get worse.


 GLENN: Kathy, do you read — you’re a liberal?


 CALLER: I’m not completely a liberal but I can tell you there’s a lot of things that I believe Hillary Clinton is very passionate about and so am I.


 GLENN: I’m just wondering, do you read the New York Times?


 CALLER: No, I don’t. I’m sorry.


 GLENN: You don’t?


 CALLER: I’m not even in New York.


 GLENN: People read the New York Times in other cities. You should read it. I think it was last Sunday. May I — may I? May I? May I?




 GLENN: I allowed you to speak. Thank you. You should read the New York Times. You can go online. You can find the story. Stu, I don’t know if you have it or if I brought it in for television. It was a front page story on universal healthcare from the New York Times and what they’re having a problem with right now is the story was that there are a lot of people that have the ability to buy healthcare and choose not to. Then they had a story of a woman who is in, I think she was 23 years old and she, you know, had the money to buy healthcare but she decided to buy new furniture and to buy some other things in her house, et cetera, et cetera. She got sick and now we’re paying for it.


 CALLER: All right.


 GLENN: She is —


 CALLER: We’re talking about one person here that you’re quoting.




 CALLER: I’m talking about the trillions of people out there.


 GLENN: Trillions?


 CALLER: That doesn’t have the money for healthcare and I was one of them and I was working three jobs, bringing up two children.


 GLENN: Trillions?


 CALLER: Excuse me, Glenn. If you haven’t lived it, you haven’t walked in those shoes, you don’t know it.


 GLENN: That is universal healthcare if it’s going to cover trillions of people that are uncovered. The actual number —


 CALLER: We spend trillions of dollars in Iraq to take care of the other country and make sure they go Democratic. Let’s take care of our own country. Let’s take care of our economy. We make nothing here anymore.


 GLENN: Okay, I don’t know what that has to do with healthcare. The actual number —


 CALLER: It has a lot to do with healthcare. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the jobs, you don’t have healthcare.


 GLENN: We’re the ones who make all the drugs because we’re not — we don’t have universal healthcare, we’re not socialized in our medicine. That’s the reason why people, dictators and everything else come here to have medicine. We have the best access to medicine in the world because of that. I’ll agree with you on spending but then you can’t give the biggest spending program ever created on top of it and say we need universal healthcare. By the way, just want to give you the numbers. The number is 47 million uninsured Americans. That’s the actual number that everybody wants to throw around. However when you get down to it, when you take out those people who are 20, have the money and just want to spend it elsewhere on buying other things, don’t think that they’re — because they’re gamblers, they think to themselves, I’m not going to get sick, I’m not going to spend the money on healthcare, when you do that, when you also take out the people who are in between jobs, who are qualified for COBRA, who are going — the average person is about six months away from having health insurance because they’re in between jobs or something like that. When you take out that, the actual number of uninsured in this country is about 14 million people. Now, I know that’s — and I’m sorry. Stu is telling me it’s actually much less than that.


 STU: It depends what categories you are taking out. You also have to take out, I believe, illegal aliens.


 GLENN: Let’s just say it’s 15 million people.


 STU: I would say it’s about half that.


 GLENN: Whatever. That’s still a long way from trillions of people. And we can cover 14 million or 8 million, we’re talking about covering 300 million.