GLENN: You know what I’m so sick of? I’m so sick of, oh, you know, working and living here in New York City where it is just an island that honestly I think we should, as a conservative I think we should just say, 3:00, Friday, be off the island. And then we should just put fences around it because the people who live here, they’re crazy people. They’re absolutely, they’re so — they don’t even — you know what they are? They’re just, "I love children. Why don’t you love children? Why do you hate children so much? I love children."

GLENN: I was having a discussion with a group of people and all of a sudden you think you’re in a normal conversation and, you know, you’ll be talking about the economy or whatever and you’re in a normal conversation and, you know, and I’ll say something stupid like, "How is the government going to bail out all of these homeowners and these banks and everything else and still stay afloat? How is that going to happen?" And somebody — and this is exactly the conversation I had with Barack Obama supporters. And one said, "Well, they’ll just — I mean, the Treasury just makes money. They will just make more money." The whole conversation stopped. Even the other Barack Obama supporters looked at that one and went, it doesn’t work that way. Yeah, they — Glenn, that’s what the Treasury does, right? They just print money? I said, the Government can’t just print more money and not have it affect the economy. That’s why the dollar’s falling. In just a little bit that person was kind of, like, humiliated and standing in the corner. Not by me. I wanted to kind of give her a hug. I was going like, you’re so cute, oh, how did you make it this long? And then somebody else said, "Well, Glenn, what is the solution? I mean, you’re just going to let all these people not have houses?" And I said, well, yes, if that’s what happens, yes. "You can’t do that!" Well, why not? I mean, I’m pro apartment complex. I mean, they could — I mean, you know, maybe downsize, maybe rent a townhouse, you know, get a roommate. You know, something like that. Sell your second car, plasma TV. Just call me crazy. And they all looked at me and they’re like, "You can’t do that to people. Why — I mean, think of the children." I’m like, I am thinking of the children. I’m thinking of your children and my children and their children and everybody’s children. I’d like them to live in a country that, you know, actually isn’t a third world country at some point. I think all of this stuff, all of this stuff is happening because they’ve so dumbed us down in the educational system that nobody knows how to think. Nobody has any idea how to think at all anymore. Nobody thinks critically anymore. And I’m — you know what? I’m also really tired of this whole, "I’m a compassionate conservative." Why do we feel it’s necessary to say that? "I’m a compassionate…" You’re a conservative. Shouldn’t that go hand in hand?

You know one of my favorite quotes on poverty comes from Benjamin Franklin. I love this quote: We should make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty." I love that! There’s compassion for ya. He knew if you made poverty more comfortable, there’s a lot of people that would be like, you know what, I’m just going to kick back here. I’m just going to — you know what I — I’m going to sit back and, you know, let the state give me a candle, you know. Kick them out of poverty! Give them something to strive for. Instead what happens is we enslave people in poverty because we give people everything, we make it easy for them to live in poverty and at the same time — it’s the combination of the two — at the same time the leaders will say, "You can’t make it, you can’t make it." Barack Obama and Michelle Obama of all people are saying, "You can’t make it." Look at the disadvantages that Barack Obama started with. Look at the disadvantage. Father was a Muslim, mother is a Christian, dad’s gone, raised by a woman — raised by his grandmother or his mother? He’s African-American. He spent some of his time in a foreign country. He comes here and he makes it, he goes to Harvard, she goes to Princeton. They make it. He could be our first black President and they actually are saying in some stump speeches that, "The disadvantages, you can’t overcome the…" what! You’re kidding me. How is this even possible?

Make people comfortable in poverty and then tell them that they’ll never get out and you are going to be the king of the world.