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Ella with the cows on Saturday

It hasn’t taken much time for our younger shepherd Ella to realize she needed new friends. She has always only barked at the cows but this morning we found her out back. Maybe they were comforting her.

Photos from our last morning with Victor

Last few minutes with victor and the whole family

Finally we shared the cookies

My final farewell

My gentle giant at half his size

Goodbye my friend

By the time many of you read this, my family and I will have put our dear friend and gentle protector Victor down for his final rest. I wanted to take a minute to share a few thoughts with you, the loyal listeners and viewers who have been with me from the time we first brought Victor into our home so many years ago.

It was right after 9/11 that I received my first death threat. . It was the first time I ever had any professional interaction with the FBI and we were told to go home. We didn’t even have curtains on the windows of our house at that time. I went home and I explained as calmly as I could to Tania that we had to take sheets and blankets and put them on our window as soon as we could.

That night, we had a serious discussion about what steps we needed to take to protect ourselves. Neither of us had ever owned a gun, and laughably at the time we didn’t feel we were responsible enough to have one in the house. I was living in Florida at the time and I took my family to Los Angeles and we couldn’t tell anybody that we were in LA for a month. When we came home, we knew we needed something in the house to protect us.

We went to Harrison K9, and the found us a kind and gentle protector who would become one of the most important members of our family: Victor.

Before I moved to New York City, there was rarely a moment when Victor wasn’t by my side. Those of you who were with us back during the Insider days probably remember seeing him in the WPHT studios in Philadelphia. He had a spot on the studio floor, and he would sit by my side, quietly watching and listening to the show. Looking back, I’m so thankful to have had a chance to have my best friend with me at all hours of the day.

He was a part of the show, and Insiders even got to see life through his eyes with “The Victor Cam”. It is a testament to his kindness, gentleness, and patience that he let us put that thing on his head.


Beck family spends time with Victor

If you’re a long‑time listener or viewer, you know that we have been on the verge of losing our dog Victor for the past few months.

Quite honestly it has been a battle where I have felt like the bad guy because my family has not been able to let go and I have been watching my dog… suffer. And I have stood quietly trying to ask, ‘Please, family, let’s let him go.’ My son and I are going to dig his grave on Friday, and Saturday at noon at our home, we’re going to put him to sleep.

Sunday we decided to do it, and my son, who is 8, took it exceptionally hard on Sunday. I think the reality truly set in, and we as a family cried all Sunday afternoon and all Sunday night. And we were all down on the floor on the kitchen floor sitting right by his spot where he always sits when we eat dinner and read our scripture.

These are some of my personal photos from that time with my family and my best friend, and I wanted to share them with you because Victor has been such an important part of my life and many of you have followed him over the years through the website and the radio show.


Man in the Moon: Building the Tower of Babel

Here is something from Man in the Moon.  As you will see still hours worth of modeling left yet to do. This is for a part of the story that is important but something that will last only a couple of minutes. You can see why it costs so much to produce.

We are not cutting ANY corners to tell this story. All of us involved feel as though This is an important show for reasons other than a lot of people are coming and we have to give them a “great show”.

American Dream Labs: Building the robots for Man in the Moon

We’re planning to do some amazing things this summer at The Man in the Moon. Many of you have probably joined us at one of the “Restoring” events, but this is going to be something very different. The storytellers at the American Dream Labs are going to be telling the story of America in a way that has never been done before. It’s a story of struggle and triumph, of good and evil and of simple people finding a better way.

The American Dream Labs team has been hard at work developing new pyrotechnic, visual and audio techniques that will change your family’s Independence Day forever.

As we get closer to the event, I’m going to be sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories of what the American Dream Labs team in Salt Lake City is developing. Just the other night, the head of our SLC Dream Labs Ben sent over this video of the team working on the very early stages of the robots that will be a big part of the show.

Let me know what you think.

Man in the Moon producer went to see a man about some planes

This is how I produce a show from across the country. I trust my partner Ben to find the right people and tools. Today he went to see a man about a plane … Or three. Thursday they go up for a test run to see if they can do what we need them to do during one of the fireworks sections of the Man in the Moon on July 6th. Thought you might enjoy this quick peak behind the scenes.

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