Never trust the hand of man over the righteous hand of God

Glenn responds to growing tensions between Nevada rancher and federal government.

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Should 2014 be the year you quit your job?

Editor’s Note: Glenn discussed this story at the opening of Thursday’s radio show. Listen to it in the On Demand Audio of the show below: I came across a post on LinkedIn entitled “10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014” by author and entrepreneur James Altucher that is one of the best, […]

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What’s happened to JC Penney?

Glenn reviews Captain America: “Great movie and truly a uniting message”

Introducing the new 1791

Glenn: Our children win in the end…all because of people just like you

When no one else will stand for the whistle blowers and those brave enough to tell the truth, WE MUST.

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Miracles do happen

Miracles do happen. God does live. It is all true. I know more than ever. What my sister witnessed at my fathers side will forever impact me. I think it will you too. He has not spoken since. We are just waiting for his last breath as his Father anxiously waits to greet him. It […]

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Glenn tweets photos and updates from vacation

Working the land, covered in dust and sweat at the end of the day, helps the world make sense. Then I come inside and see the news

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Original concept art for Man in the Moon

When Glenn was first planning Man in the Moon, he envision it being performed at the Grand Canyon. He would tell the story of The Man in the Moon at a giant campfire, with the shadows projected from the fire telling the story of America. The moon is the only element from the original art […]

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Photo: Glenn meets with Rand Paul

From a private meeting with Senator Rand Paul yesterday, check out the photo below:

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