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Glenn Beck has reinvented talk radio, changed the face of cable news, and started his own online network. But…until you’ve seen him perform live on stage, you haven’t seen the real Glenn Beck. Glenn’s hitting the road with his comedy tour, Unelectable 2. It’s your chance to see one of the most dynamic and unique live performers of his generation.

If politicians said the kinds of things that Glenn does—you know, the truth—they’d never get into office. That’s why Glenn Beck is unelectable—he can’t help but tell it like it is. No one is spared Glenn’s wrath…Democrats, Republicans, law makers and law breakers…everybody gets what’s coming to them in this incredible live comedy show. Election Day is coming whether we like it or not, so you might as well laugh before you cry. Join Glenn for an unforgettable night comedy that will have you wishing he ran for office if for no other reason than to be the first politician that got laughed at on purpose!

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Beck U: The Economic Consequences of Ideology

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Class is back in session!

The third class of Beck U’s new semester is available NOW On Demand only on In Beck U: The Economic Consequences of Ideology, we unravel the web of intrigue that is the Middle East’s oil production and how that affects America and the rest of the world.

Falling behind in your curriculum? Now’s your chance to catch up with Beck U with previous classes also available On Demand.

In your first lesson, Understanding the History of Israel, experience the struggles and tragedies of one of the most embattled nations in the world. In your second lesson, Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith, you’ll learn the dynamics of the world’s different religions and how they revolve around the city of Jerusalem.

Log on to to catch up on your studies and watch Beck U: The Economic Consequences of Ideology now, On Demand!

Related Episodes

Understanding the History of Israel
Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith

A letter from Glenn for GBTV subscribers

Welcome to GBTV!

I’d like to thank you for joining us as we embark on this journey to change the way you get news, information, and entertainment. GBTV will not only be my new home and the home of my new two-hour daily show, it will be an entire network of original programming.

While my new show doesn’t officially launch until 9/12, we’ve got a lot of really great programming coming up over the summer. Another installment of Beck U starts on July 13th, “The Economic Consequences of Ideology,” and we’ve got the new reality series “The Making of GBTV” running all summer. If you’re a new subscriber, you now have on-demand access to some of the great stuff you may have missed, like the Rumors of War documentary series (Part 1Part 2). Just click theSpecials tab on the GBTV player to scroll through hundreds of hours of informational, educational, and (hopefully) entertaining shows.

And, of course, you’ll get to see the biggest event I have ever undertaken – “Restoring Courage” exclusively on GBTV. You’ll also get videos updates leading up to the August 24th event, plus you’ll be able to view the other shows we are doing in Israel leading up to the main event.

The great thing about GBTV is that you won’t be tied to a television to watch it. From laptops to desktops to mobile phones and iPads – GBTV is anywhere you want it to be. And if you want to watch it on your TV, you’ll be able to via a Roku device. And that’s just what we can tell you now – more information will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

One last thing – some people may have experienced technical problems logging in to Thursday night’s broadcast (which is now available on demand). What you are seeing now on GBTV is just a temporary solution, so that we could get up and running quickly. My team is hard at work building a next-generation streaming video network that will dramatically improve the quality and reliability of the network, and deliver tons of great features that could never be done on cable news. But it’s not all ready yet –so until then I just ask that you pardon our dust.

Again, thank you for joining us as we start this journey together. I am so excited to show you what is coming in the months ahead.

This week on Beck U!

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In Beck University’s second class of the semester, “Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith”, learn about the founding of the three Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—and their history of past conflicts that still simmer under the surface of the tumultuous region. This comprehensive guide explores each religion’s significant role in developing Jerusalem, as well as their historic and current connection to the Temple Mount. You’ll also learn about the end of times prophecies found in the Torah, the Bible and Quran as well as the common threads weaved throughout all three.

Gather your friends and family and catch “Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith”, on demand on GBTV starting Wednesday, June 22. As the world falls into disarray around us, arm yourself with knowledge! Educate yourself with the truth.

Miss the first episode, “Understanding the History of Israel”? Don’t worry, that too is still available!

GBTV. The Truth Lives Here!

Change is coming. The Insider is becoming GBTV.

Today Glenn announced GBTV, the new home to The Glenn Beck Program. GBTV is a live streaming video network featuring Glenn and a mix of news, information and entertainment programs that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the programming Glenn has always wanted to do – no nonsense, no filters, only the stories that matter to you. Learn more about GBTV HERE.

All subscribers should be receiving an e-mail describing how these changes affect you shortly. Stay tuned to and for more information.

For questions or concerns about your subscription please see our FAQs or contact:

Understanding the History of Israel now available on-demand!

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This semester’s Beck University will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Inspired by the content of the first and second installment of Rumors of War, this semester will delve deeper into the history and current happenings in and around the Middle East.

We spent a full year researching the 12th Imam, the Iranian regime’s continued development of nuclear weapons, and their desire to wipe Israel right off the map. We gathered so much information we couldn’t fit it all into the two documentaries. It’s so important we educate ourselves on this topic we’ve decided to share everything we have with you at Beck University. Our first class – Understanding the History of Israel.

It’s a 30 minute comprehensive guide to the religious and political importance of Israel. It takes you from the days of early Abraham through the Camp David Accords in the 1990s. It also shows the historic importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions – and explains why it must remain in Israeli control to preserve some of the holiest sites in the world.

Understanding the History of Israel is now available on-demand this for Insider Extreme members ONLY. If you’re not a member yet – now is the time to sign up.

This fascinating first episode is now available on-demand!

Understanding the History of Israel available on-demand

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