Insider Extreme is turning one-year old!  Can you believe what an amazing year it has been? Whether it was radio, TV, bestselling books, sold out stage shows, or historic events that changed our lives forever, Insider Extreme was there to bring you all the action along the journey.  If you thought last year was one to remember, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for the future!

While Glenn is on vacation this week recharging his batteries, you have the perfect opportunity to re-explore and enjoy everything Insider Extreme has made available to you on demand.  It’s 24-hour access to everything Glenn right at your fingertips!

Our digital archive lets you watch ANY previous radio show with the simple click of a button all available in the on demand tab. You also have access to previous episodes of The 4th Hour with Pat & Stu, and the brand new S.E. Cupp show.

Insider Extreme has also been your destination for first rate documentaries on topics the main stream media won’t touch.  We were the first to expose the truth behind our current administration in Fundamental Transformation, and recently brought you inside the looming threat a nuclear Iran poses to our freedom in Rumors of War.  With the Mideast turmoil growing by the day it’s never been more important to have all the facts.  Get ready, because we’ve already begun production of Rumors of War II.  Refresh your memory before its debut by watching Part I now.  You can also watch any of our other exclusive documentaries like 8-28 The Documentary, American Traditions: Christmas, and Doomed to Repeat? – all available in the specials tab.

If our documentaries don’t quench your thirst for more knowledge then check out our Beck University class. Learn history the way it really happened from expert professors on topics such as the U.S. Constitution to FDR’s new deal.  You can also educate yourself in small doses with our Rock Stars of the Revolution and History Of… mini-docs.  And when you need a break from it all you can get a laugh from our very own Czar-at-large Brian Sack.

We’ll be announcing some details of our 1-year anniversary special in the coming days so stay tuned for updates. And don’t forget to tell a friend about all the exciting things Insider Extreme has to offer.[inlineadmarker inlinead_pos=0]