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  • John

    Please help! Once again I can’t watch the Glenn Beck Program live right now. I want to. Thanks. Is anybody there?

  • Gene Griffin

    Hey… It would be nice if you could let us click on the individual camera feeds we want to see (sometimes I need another look at the chalkboard or to get the link info for a specific video clip) Keep up the good work . . . 

  • Ken Bush

    Bummed…  GBTV worked good for a few weeks this summer, but we have been unable to watch for a long time now.  I thought maybe Roku would help but no.  Don’t know how long we can  do this.  Sorry Glenn, don’t cry!  We still love you and are praying for you!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else having troubles with Roku? My transmission for GBTV and Radio keeps rebooting and sometime starts the program over from the beginning without my request.

  • Anonymous

    I have been experiencing a delay when watching Glenn’s “Live” program beginning at 5 pm. My computer hangs up and the web site has a small circle (likes it thinking), then I wait for a bit for everything to come back on and when it does, I have missed quite a bit of the segment. Any thoughts? My husband said that there is too many people accessing the server at one time. please help.

  • Anonymous

    Wow,….20 minutes in  I like the content of Real News. But I think the camera man had too much coffee. The views are too mobile and we’re seeing alot of the backs of the speakers. Maybe I’m just too used to traditional TV. But in my opinion the cameras moving constantly is very distracting. This is intended to be constructive.

  • Anonymous

    Jeffy… how can I write you without it getting on the message board.  Important question for Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, when I try to watch GBTV live, when I can even get past the dreaded rotating circle, the broadcast freezes and I get an error message.  My high speed internet provider sent out a tech who said that he could find nothing wrong on their end (after about 3 hours of checking/working).  What am I doing wrong? 

  • Anonymous

    Hey talking about payroll tax deduction.  This is an FYI reduciton has taken out FICA (Social Security) 2 years ago it was 6.2% they have currently reduced it to 4.2%.  So if you are a minimum wage earner @ $8.50 an hour was putting in $.53 and is now putting in $.36. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn………am an ardent follower and watch you daily.  You need to have your friend Perry Stone on your show to talk about end times and the bible.  He is the bomb!

  • R. Webb

    Hi,  love your show but not camera guy.  Moves around too much and makes me nauseous when I focus on the screen.  I have to pretty much just listen to it instead of watching but would like to watch if you could calm your cameras down.  I’m sure that sounds silly but I can’t be the only one having problems with this. 

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Try doing a restart before you sign in….seems to work for me.

  • Anonymous

    Our country is becoming more ignorant with each coming generation of our history, our heritage, our greatness, our strength…..the school system used to teach these concepts…schools used to teach something besides the latest technology….students barely know the national anthem, forget about America the Beautiful and others…..I remember as a child the pride I had singing these songs… I am afraid that one or two more generations and we will forget our heritage…..American Idol, the Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Jersey Shores will be our heritage……

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