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We are proud to present our first documentary of 2011: Rumors of War.  Join us as we expose the true threat a nuclear Iran poses to the United States and Israel – an especially critical piece considering no one else in the media bothers looking into it.

Rumors of War - Now available on-demand

Two of the top leaders of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei, are part of a radical Muslim sect that believes it is their duty to hasten the return of the Twelfth Imam.  The Twelfth Imam is a Jesus-like figure who will wipe the planet clean of  Iran’s enemies, of which Israel and the United States rank 1 and 1a. They believe, and have stated publicly that by initiating worldwide chaos they can bring about his return.

Rumors of War reveals the true threat level a nuclear Iran poses to the United States and our allies.  We’ve spent an entire year researching and interviewing those closest to the situation, including former ambassadors and members of the Department of Defense. In this full hour documentary you will see things that are bone chilling, including shocking evidence of Iranian backed terrorists poised at America’s southern border ready to infiltrate our soil!

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