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In Beck University’s second class of the semester, “Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith”, learn about the founding of the three Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—and their history of past conflicts that still simmer under the surface of the tumultuous region. This comprehensive guide explores each religion’s significant role in developing Jerusalem, as well as their historic and current connection to the Temple Mount. You’ll also learn about the end of times prophecies found in the Torah, the Bible and Quran as well as the common threads weaved throughout all three.

Gather your friends and family and catch “Understanding the Holy Land: Conflicts of Faith”, on demand on GBTV starting Wednesday, June 22. As the world falls into disarray around us, arm yourself with knowledge! Educate yourself with the truth.

Miss the first episode, “Understanding the History of Israel”? Don’t worry, that too is still available!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you mentioned something about the Abrahamic laws, there’s only one.  Abraham was first Abram.  This is when Ishmael was born and after that when Ishmael left and Abarm’s name changed did GOD make a covenant with Abraham and Isaac. 

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