Understanding the History of Israel now available on-demand!

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This semester’s Beck University will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Inspired by the content of the first and second installment of Rumors of War, this semester will delve deeper into the history and current happenings in and around the Middle East.

We spent a full year researching the 12th Imam, the Iranian regime’s continued development of nuclear weapons, and their desire to wipe Israel right off the map. We gathered so much information we couldn’t fit it all into the two documentaries. It’s so important we educate ourselves on this topic we’ve decided to share everything we have with you at Beck University. Our first class – Understanding the History of Israel.

It’s a 30 minute comprehensive guide to the religious and political importance of Israel. It takes you from the days of early Abraham through the Camp David Accords in the 1990s. It also shows the historic importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions – and explains why it must remain in Israeli control to preserve some of the holiest sites in the world.

Understanding the History of Israel is now available on-demand this for Insider Extreme members ONLY. If you’re not a member yet – now is the time to sign up.

This fascinating first episode is now available on-demand!

Understanding the History of Israel available on-demand
  • Jeff and Linda Williams

    I agree with you 100% Robert. BUT, the problem with obama is, *I* feel,he is NOT a man. I truly feel and think that he is a demon. He has to be! He is not crazy, but he IS evil, wiley, a liar, a thief, and any other thing that is ANTI-Jesus Christ that you can think of. He is either a demon or an anti-Christ. Our country is doomed if he is not defeated. Father God and Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive us our multiple sins, and heal and protect our nation and Israel, and protect us who love you and follow you and long to be with you. God help us all. Pray people…PRAY!

  • Jeff and Linda Williams

    You are exactly right in all points, and I totally agree with you. BUT, I have one thingthat grinds on me and makes me shudder. When referring to God the Father, it is always to be spelled with a capital G. He is our Sovereign God and Father. Pray for our country.

  • Gene w

    I agree. I am African American, and Im not nor ever have been on welfare. Ive worked hard all of my life for what I have.I served my country during Desert Storm. I think President Obama is trying to destroy this country. I also happen to think that Obama holds a slave mentality. There are a great number of minorities that are conservative than is portrayed in the media……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amanda-N-y/100000082642629 Amanda N-y

    The Herods were an Edomite family appointed to rule over Israel. They were not Jews as stated in the video. These were descendants of Esau, not Jacob. I think it would be hard to argue that Abraham was a Jew as well seeing how the term was derived from the name Judah, Jacob’s son, more than four generations after Abraham lived. 

  • http://twitter.com/gannagardiner gardiner guitar

    It is very hard to comprehend, our present day, government, but it is equally hard to understand, previous administrations, since the only 2 choices we have in this free country, seem to be destroying our country, and betraying the people. They have been exporting our jobs for 40 years, when nixon gave china most favorite nation status, or they are importing people, to take the jobs that are left. look at the gas/conveinance stores, and the motels, you would be hard pressed to find any one that looks like Americans as we know them.How are these people able to own the all the stores and motels, yet they come from some of the poorest countries.Our government has been working full time behind our backs, with the tax money they steal from the people, then the media decides which of the 2 parties, are the least evil, and they actually choose the president. get rid of the republic-rats. it is time for a change, but not the kind obama wants.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQTQACYLBCXJIBO63M67335PIU charmingstat

    Saw the program last night. I would like more information on United Nations Agenda 21. 

  • Anonymous

    the truth is obama just can not get it because he is not one of us just like you dont understand a church unless you have felt the sprit of it and walked  in there shoes you just dont get it .it just not in him there is no way tell he becomes one of us and he doesnt want to

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