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New Year, new website and a bigger and better Insider Extreme! Now that everyone is settled into 2011, here’s a look at all the Insider Extreme content coming your way this week:

An all new Czar-at-Large coming this week!Czar at Large: Brian Sack reflects on the many Glenn books from the past year. With the success of Broke and the new release of The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life, there is bound to be more titles from Glenn this year. Our Czar-at-Large takes a look at what those titles could possibly be…

Liberal Lies: The left wants you to think tax cuts only benefit the richest Americans—but that’s a lie! In a brand new Liberal Lies, Professor Larry Schweikart explains the origins of the income tax and how tax cuts benefit ALL Americans!

Wilmington Memories: Did you see the new vignette of memories from Wilmington? Click on the Specials tab and join Glenn as he explored a real life Bedford Falls. Also, look out for Wilmington’s Enlightenment this week for a behind the scenes glimpse into Glenn’s trip to one of the most inspirational towns in America.

8.28 Documentary: Now available for pre-order is the 8.28 Documentary DVD. The DVDs will ship February 25th. Don’t forget as an Insider Extreme member you get 10% off in the studio store when using THIS LINK.

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