S.E. Column: Anthony Weiner must go: His real sin is plain old stupidity, but that’s enough

In other news . . .

Just kidding! There is no other news. Thanks to one congressman’s penchant for provocative photography and his imperfect grasp of Twitter, all anyone can talk about is Anthony Weiner’s stunning admission that he is, in fact, the jerk we always suspected him to be.

As a woman, a New Yorker and a conservative political commentator, I can tell you that “Weinergate” has to be one of the more uncomfortable, silly and stomach-churning scandals I’ve ever covered.

Click here to read the full column on The New York Daily News.

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s very special Tuesday edition of the S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Is there room for more than one strong conservative woman in the Republican race for the presidential nomination? The media doesn’t seem to think so. S.E. looks at the MSM’s identity obsession.
  • Deputy Managing Editor of The National Review Kevin Williamson sits down with S.E. to discuss the possible candidacy of Texas Governor Rick Perry.
  • PLUS! Weiner’s willy worries! Why can’t the congressman seem to give a simple yes or no these days? And what was the deal with Palin and Trumps pizza lunch yesterday?

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

S.E.’s triumphant return from her hunting trip to Alaska!

  • S.E. gives you all the details from her hunting trip with the Alaska’s Healing Hearts organization.
  • It’s a very special bear themed trigger happy Tuesday!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Czar-at-Large Brian Sack continues his fill-in stint for S.E. in Alaska:

  • Republicans finally find common ground! Israel is great…civil liberties suck. Sack attacks!
  • Author and investigative journalist Matthew Vadum sits down with The S.E. Cupp Show to discuss his new book Subversion Inc, and the danger that ACORN still poses.
  • PLUS! S.E.’s videos from Alaska!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today Brian Sack returns to fill in for S.E. Cupp:

  • Are fast food restaurants predatory corporations preying on the health of American children that need to be regulated? Or should the government mind its own business and defer to the judgement of parents? Brian plumbs to the depths of this pressing issue.
  • Editor in Chief of Reason.com & Reason.tv Nick Gillespie sit’s down with the S.E. Cupp Show to discuss his forthcoming book, Declaration of Independents.
  • PLUS! Obama flubs his toast to the Queen, man eats 25,000th Big Mac, and is Cynthia McKinney the new Tokyo Rose?

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On the all important Friday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:
  • Guest host Brian Sack continues his merry dance of irreparable damage to the S.E. Cupp Show Brand
  • Author of The Panic Virus: A true story of Medicine, Science, and Fear, Seth Mnookin sits down with Brian to discuss the Anti-Vaccine movement and why it’s adherents are misguided.
  • PLUS! How to talk to your children about the dangers of planking.

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show, host Brian Sack fills in for the Alaska bound S.E.:

  • Has President Obama let down his biggest supporters? Brian explores.
  • Former child star, Harvard Magna Cum Laude graduate, Editor of the Harvard Law Review, Supreme Court clerk, Accomplished Department of Justice attorney, advocate for the blind, and father of natural triplets, Isaac Litsky sits down with the S.E. Cupp show to make Brian feel bad about his utter lack of meaningful accomplishments.
  • PLUS! Why does Producer Nick finally agree with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow? The answer in Today’s Choice Cut Video!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s very special Wednesday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • The Democratic Party has for years claimed to have cornered the market on diversity, but what kind of diversity do they mean? If their ideas are any indication, that diversity might lack substance. S.E. pontificates.
  • Lecture Director of The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute Alyssa Cordova joins The S.E. Cupp Show to discuss how lonely it is to be a conservative on a college campus these days.
  • PLUS! S.E.’s Inquisition featuring the stylings of Glenn Beck Show producer Stu Burguiere!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on this Monday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:
  • Huckabee is out! How does this change the dynamic of the race for the Republican 2012 nomination and more importantly, how does this effect the media’s coverage of faith in this election cycle? S.E. explores.
  • President of Penn Financial Matt McCall sits down with S.E. to discuss recent economic developments and the news that Americans economic concerns have reached a two year high.
  • PLUS! Race baiting reaches new bizarre levels as Newt Gingrich is accused of racism and CNN’s Don Lemon comes out of the closet. Don who you ask? Exactly.

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s all important Friday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Ron Paul announces his intention to seek the office of the Presidency. Is Paul the only man for the job? Or does his libertarianism turn off the average vote? S.E. explores.
  • Contributing editor at The National Review Online Deroy Murdock sit’s down with S.E. Cupp to discuss the Newt Gingrich candidacy.
  • S.E. subjects Deroy to her inquisition along with infamous Glenn Beck Show Czar at Large Brian Sack.

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