SE Column: Feeling sorry for Osama: Why Noam Chomsky and the far left are already blaming America

It’s been just over a week since an elite team of Navy SEALs went into Pakistan and took out Osama Bin Laden. Nearly 10 years after the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, the psychological impact of getting this mass murderer is significant.

For many of us, in New York and Washington especially, the failure to bring Bin Laden to justice made it impossible to fully grieve for our lost friends, our lost sense of security and our lost innocence. His demise means we can finally begin to heal. Some of that healing took the form of spontaneous celebrations in front of the White House, in Times Square and in front of televisions all over the country.

Click here to read the full column at The New York Daily News.

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s Thursday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich announced yesterday his intention to seek the office of the President of the United States. What does this mean for the 2012 field, and what makes Newt vulnerable? S.E. takes a look.
  • The Manhattan Institutes Josh Barro sits down with S.E. to discuss his recent testimony in front of Congress regarding public pensions and the threat they represent to our nation’s financial health.
  • The now famous “Situation Room” picture has been once again altered by an orthodox Jewish newspaper. What exactly is the White House’s policy on altering these photos and why is it ridiculous?

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s Wednesday edition of The S.E. Cupp show:

  • Some commentators have said that our latest victory in The War on Terror indicates that American’s have over reacted to 9/11. Have we? Or are these commentators feminine hygiene products? S.E. explores.
  • Writer/Comedian John DeVore joins The S.E. Cupp Show to spew his humorous liberal propaganda.
  • PLUS! We submit DeVore to S.E.’s Inquisition!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on a very special Trigger Happy Tuesday:

  • Apparently Osama Bin Laden had been prolifically doling out advice to fellow Jihidis before his death. One can only speculate as to what he’d been saying…which is exactly what S.E. will be doing today.
  • S.E. sits down with Margot Morrell, Author of Reagan’s Journey: Lessons from a remarkable career to discuss what we can learn from the great communicator.
  • PLUS! It’s trigger happy Tuesday! We’ll have your Armed Citizen Report, Trophy Shots, Bullet Points, and a special Trigger Happy Tuesday Choice Cut!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on the Monday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • S.E. discusses her recent trip to Arkansas and her support of the Pryce Robertson Autism Awareness Foundation.
  • United Nations Correspondent for Canada Free Press and Author of Lethal Engagement Joe Klein sits down with S.E. to discuss some lingering questions about the Death of Osama Bin Laden and the future of our relationship with Pakistan.
  • PLUS! Noam Chomsky’s predictable response, Hillary gets scrubbed from now famous “situation room” photo, and much more!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on the all important Friday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • One of the few unfortunate effects of the demise of Osama bin Laden, has been to obscure on of the most ridiculous immigration policy suggestions ever to leave the mouth of Mike Bloomberg (which is saying a lot considering the New York Mayor tends to be a wellspring of ridiculous policy suggestions). S.E. takes Mayor Mike to task.
  • Penn Financial President and Financial Analyst Matt McCall sits down with S.E. to discuss how the GOP can get back to the task of repairing our economy.
  • Author of Mastermind: The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Richard Miniter joins The S.E. Cupp Show to discuss the impact of the loss of OBL to al Qaeda.

S.E. Column: Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea: Obama administration made right call to show world our good faith

When news broke late Sunday night that an elite group of Navy SEALs had killed Osama Bin Laden, Americans all over the country felt like celebrating. And celebrate we did.

But almost just as quickly, we started asking about the body. Where is it? Will we see it? What did he look like when he died?

Click here to read the full column at The NY Daily News.

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Why do the sensibilities of the “Muslim Community” come before the sensibilities of the “American Community”? S.E. explores.
  • CNN contributor and proprietor of Will Cain sits down with S.E. to discuss the the domestic ramifications of Bin Laden’s capture.
  • PLUS! Should Americans be celebrating death? A libtalker suggests president Bush should be killed by Navy SEALS too! And what is the propaganda value of an image of a dead terrorist?

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s very special Wednesday edition of The S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Was observing Muslim tradition in Osama’s burial at sea a case of PC run amok? Or was it another example of America leading by example? S.E. explores.
  • S.E. sits down with US Army Special Forces member/Discovery Channel Shark Week host Terry Schappert to discuss the operation that took down Bin Laden.
  • Terry Schappert submits to S.E.’s Inquisition (Bin Laden Edition)!

Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

Today on a Bin Laden edition of Trigger Happy Tuesday:

  • How is a non-believer supposed to react to the death and disposal of Osama Bin Laden. Was justice served by Bin Laden’s quick death for those who don’t believe in eternal damnation? S.E. gives you her opinion.
  • CBN News Terrorism Correspondent and author of The Terrorist Next Door  Erick Stakelbeck sits down with S.E. to discuss the post-Bin Laden War on Terror.

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