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S.E.’s triumphant return from her hunting trip to Alaska!

  • S.E. gives you all the details from her hunting trip with the Alaska’s Healing Hearts organization.
  • It’s a very special bear themed trigger happy Tuesday!
  • Take 2

    Its all bizarre how far a group of 60 s College students merged
    with European influences.  


    You must start post V Nam in 1972 when the newly tooled 60’s
    radicals switched gears to environmentalist. i.e. past present future czars in control
    via Pres. Obama. Yes, first day of second term further lurking revolutionist will
    surface in collective power.

    The main Progressive goal in 72 was regulating and
    control of world health medical food commodities (Corn-Rice-Beans-Tea) global energy
    i.e., track Population control e.g., Survival Commodities.     


    In 1972 the first new global order group measure or model was banning
    DDT as evil. These radicals first infiltrated the global world health
    organizations and political bodies throughout the globe.
    They next were
    involved in the aquaculture business whereby certain crops were evil to grow or
    paid off to not over supply.

    Note: Who were in engagement in financial board
    of Directors in Arkansas.


    However, do not recommend investigating this cold case. 

    The 1972 DDT model remains working are Cap and Tax Evil if you burn
    coal or Evil if you refuse to stop using auto gas.

    The main control issue is over prevention actions of known dieses
    malaria HIV AIDS

    vs over using drug exploration.  The latest is billions upon billions spent on
    the G2 Female Condoms.  I found in trial
    areas in Africa that females refuse to wear a plastic condom.

    Moreover, as such mega piles of G2s are stock piled worldwide. so much money
    lost with no hope of knowing where all the money-profits go.  

    Where are all the billions upon billions of Green Corp loans monies. Yes, you are evil for not wanting to spend Billions or Trillions on Female Condoms-bad Green Corp loans.     


    The more bizarre bigger the lie better it works.

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