Today on The S.E. Cupp Show

On today’s very special Tuesday edition of the S.E. Cupp Show:

  • Is there room for more than one strong conservative woman in the Republican race for the presidential nomination? The media doesn’t seem to think so. S.E. looks at the MSM’s identity obsession.
  • Deputy Managing Editor of The National Review Kevin Williamson sits down with S.E. to discuss the possible candidacy of Texas Governor Rick Perry.
  • PLUS! Weiner’s willy worries! Why can’t the congressman seem to give a simple yes or no these days? And what was the deal with Palin and Trumps pizza lunch yesterday?
  • Take 2

    S.E. kicked butt on today’s
    show. The News show group has been given a key to hit a fly with a sledgehammer.
    Something mainstream News did in past years. In a court of law-you many times swat
    the fly but never sledge or tip it over.  The entire group made a huge leap…What happened?

  • Anonymous

    Why are we not talking about the comming RNC rules???? These are going to lead to the RNC lording over us. (Replacing grass roots deligates, front loading primaries, ect). We will be pushed out of any opportunity to reform the RNC and advance the conservative (read AMERICAN) thought. From the ivory tower they will choose our candidates and policy paths, scare us with the alternatives, expecting us to toe the line. Make this Front and center!!!! I don’t want to hear, “don’t worry, It’s all taken care of” from some back room deal. This can not stand!! Please you the voice that I and those like myself do not have. I am no Ron Paul supporter but I see this train coming down the track.

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