Fan makes EPIC trailer for the biggest superhero movie of all time

It’s no secret around the Mercury offices that I’m a big comic book fan, so I was excited to see that one of the biggest viral videos on the internet today was a fan-made video depicting the superhero franchises of Marvel and DC engaging in an epic throw-down.

If you had any doubt that traditional distribution systems were a thing of the past in the age of the internet, the success of this fan video should prove you wrong. The video debuted online yesterday and has already amassed over 90,000 views on YouTube and is one of the trending topics on Facebook.

The movie below will probably never be made in real life, so if you’re looking for Superman to square off with The Incredible Hulk or Batman to throw down with Captain America – this might be the closest you ever get.

The video was put together by Alex Luthor and posted on YouTube. It should be noted that “Alex Luthor” is also the name of Superman villain Lex Luthor’s son in the comic books, so who knows if that’s the creator’s pseudonym or his real name.

The trailer combines footage from the different superhero movies of the past several years, as well as some video game and TV clips.


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