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The Morning Meeting Extra: The strangest meeting of all time

Every day, Glenn has a morning meeting with his producers to plan out that day’s radio and TV shows. You’ve seen pieces of it on The Glenn Beck Program, and we’ve got some extras that didn’t make it into the show. Like this clip, where two members of Glenn’s team are out of commission. Why? Watch to find out why Glenn has called it the strangest meeting of all time…

Mercury One heads to the gun range with Glenn and his new gun

Being from a liberal part of the East Coast, where guns are often portrayed as evil, I did not know what to expect when the volunteers were invited to go to the shooting range with Black Rain Ordnance, a top-tier gun manufacturer based out of Missouri.

I was nervous and a bit worried, especially since I have not had a lot of experience with guns. All of my concerns, however, were unfounded; the team members of Black Rain Ordnance showed me that guns are not something to be feared, but are tools that can (and should) be safely used for protection and sporting interests.

After Black Rain Ordnance presented Glenn with a beautiful gun, the Mercury One team headed to the Elm Fork shooting range to participate in a fun and educational afternoon of shooting activities. Black Rain Ordnance brought a variety of guns for us to try, including some incredible fully automatic weapons. In addition to firing the Black Rain Ordnance guns, which were nothing short of awe-inspiring, we competed against each other in a shooting contest. Although I was the only girl on my team, I held my own and was surprisingly accurate at the AR-15 station. Previously, I had regarded the AR-15 rifle as a weapon made and meant for the military, but Black Rain Ordnance President/CEO Justin Harvel made the comparison, “Yes, that’s where it was designed, but so was the Jeep.” I realized that this is true; many things that originate in the military can be refined and safely used by civilians. I did struggle when it came to shooting a handgun for the first time, but I believe that with practice, my aim would improve. (Not to mention I learned that I have a dominant eye…absolutely fascinating!) Luckily, Troy from Black Rain Ordnance was on my team, and along with the instructors at Elm Fork, was able to provide me with important tips on safety and technique. Since Mercury One will be hosting a sporting clays shooting event at Elm Fork in November, it is probably a good thing that I am learning more about guns now!

What impressed me most about Black Rain Ordnance was neither the power nor design of their guns, but the company itself. They embody many of the same principles as Mercury One, including entrepreneurship, education, and charity. As Justin stated, they began with a, “…small business plan that took off with hard work and dedication,” although they had, “hundreds of people tell [them] it couldn’t be done.” Black Rain Ordnance emphasizes the importance of teaching youth gun safety and revealing the misconceptions about guns that circle through our media and society today like wildfire. This company is also not afraid to stand up for freedom, shown by when they offered Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham, a veteran arrested for displaying his rifle while on a hike with his son, any one of their AR-15s for free. The Black Rain Ordnance team members I met Friday were humble, kind, hard-working individuals who believe in the philosophy, “You have to assume there will be a storm around every corner.” By making the best possible quality guns, they are preparing Americans for those storms.


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What does Glenn do on vacation?

by Wilson Garrett

I had a really interesting conversation with Tania Beck at The Man in the Moon after-party. It turns out that when Glenn goes on vacation at his ranch, he doesn’t just relax, spend time with his family, and send really long e-mails to his staff with new ideas whenever he gets close enough to a Wi-Fi connection in the nearest town. He actually does some work on the ranch, including using the tractor to do…whatever things you use a tractor to do on a ranch. Editor’s Note: I’ve been in New York City too long. 

Tania was kind enough to take some photos of Glenn working on the tractor. Check them out below. Rumor has it there may be some video before the end of the week…

Are you excited for Man in the Moon…Part 2?

Glenn all dressed up for Man in the Moon rehearsal. Photo by George Lange

by Jon Miller

No clarification is really needed. It’s officially been announced. And somewhere in Utah, several members of Glenn Beck’s staff are looking for a bridge to jump off of.

IT IS COMING SOON  TO YOU NEXT SUMMER: MAN IN THE MOON 2!!!” Glenn shouts at the top of his lungs before a uproarious crowd in Salt Lake City Friday night.

The crowd couldn’t get enough.

And … fine…we’ll admit: we couldn’t either.

(But ask me tomorrow, and I may have a different answer.)

“This man is a freaking genius!” One man shouts as he puts his hands over his face in bewilderment. He doesn’t  even agree with Glenn on anything. But what Glenn is showing is truly amazing.

Only problem is we’re 30 seconds from a thunderstorm coming straight from Hell. Glenn is on stage telling stories. This audience won’t go anywhere until he does.

Finally he finishes his presentation for FreedomWorks’ FreeThePeople.

He ends down on one knee, the final notes of the orchestra linger and then disperse into the night.

Glenn’s given us a tease for the sequel to the literally never-been-done-before stage show, Man in the Moon 1.

Man in the Moon 1 is not even in the can, and—as Glenn reminds everyone—“It could be a total disaster! We’ve never done a run-through!! AND the storm could shred the moon to pieces in a few hours! HAHAHA”

The audience laughs too because they think he’s kidding, which he’s not.

But he amazes them…teasing them and wetting their palette even though they’re already soaked from the rain.

Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour are just seconds away. It’s been coming down pretty hard already. But this audience is glued to their seats.

Earlier, Glenn did an amazing (but ominous) performance that included a troop of break-dancing dementors. Perhaps better described as a dancing death squad of sinister (but talented) electro-steampunk… lords …I believe is the preferred nomenclature…And I would hate to offend them by calling them the wrong name.

But whatever they were, they looked terrific. They had gas-masks, black suits, flashing red eyes. All just terrific. Because, you know, it’s Fourth of July weekend, and we’re in Utah!

Rattling about the stage, the resounding dubstep beat drops, and the bass ripples up the stage and through the dancers’ limbs.

You were expecting fireworks?

Huge animatronic robots, which take up the entire stage, twist behind Glenn as he narrates the world’s end through technology. He warns us what our society would look like if we continue down this path.


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