Are you excited for Man in the Moon…Part 2?

Glenn all dressed up for Man in the Moon rehearsal. Photo by George Lange

by Jon Miller

No clarification is really needed. It’s officially been announced. And somewhere in Utah, several members of Glenn Beck’s staff are looking for a bridge to jump off of.

IT IS COMING SOON  TO YOU NEXT SUMMER: MAN IN THE MOON 2!!!” Glenn shouts at the top of his lungs before a uproarious crowd in Salt Lake City Friday night.

The crowd couldn’t get enough.

And … fine…we’ll admit: we couldn’t either.

(But ask me tomorrow, and I may have a different answer.)

“This man is a freaking genius!” One man shouts as he puts his hands over his face in bewilderment. He doesn’t  even agree with Glenn on anything. But what Glenn is showing is truly amazing.

Only problem is we’re 30 seconds from a thunderstorm coming straight from Hell. Glenn is on stage telling stories. This audience won’t go anywhere until he does.

Finally he finishes his presentation for FreedomWorks’ FreeThePeople.

He ends down on one knee, the final notes of the orchestra linger and then disperse into the night.

Glenn’s given us a tease for the sequel to the literally never-been-done-before stage show, Man in the Moon 1.

Man in the Moon 1 is not even in the can, and—as Glenn reminds everyone—“It could be a total disaster! We’ve never done a run-through!! AND the storm could shred the moon to pieces in a few hours! HAHAHA”

The audience laughs too because they think he’s kidding, which he’s not.

But he amazes them…teasing them and wetting their palette even though they’re already soaked from the rain.

Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpour are just seconds away. It’s been coming down pretty hard already. But this audience is glued to their seats.

Earlier, Glenn did an amazing (but ominous) performance that included a troop of break-dancing dementors. Perhaps better described as a dancing death squad of sinister (but talented) electro-steampunk… lords …I believe is the preferred nomenclature…And I would hate to offend them by calling them the wrong name.

But whatever they were, they looked terrific. They had gas-masks, black suits, flashing red eyes. All just terrific. Because, you know, it’s Fourth of July weekend, and we’re in Utah!

Rattling about the stage, the resounding dubstep beat drops, and the bass ripples up the stage and through the dancers’ limbs.

You were expecting fireworks?

Huge animatronic robots, which take up the entire stage, twist behind Glenn as he narrates the world’s end through technology. He warns us what our society would look like if we continue down this path.


Raj goes backstage at Free The People 2013

Raj talks to David Barton about Man in the Moon

Photo Diary: See the incredible items that didn’t make it into the Independence Through History museum

Photos and story by Jon Miller

Glenn’s new museum exhibit is absurd. It’s incredible, but absolutely absurd.

It’s over-the-top, fascinating, dramatic, and jaw dropping all at the same time. It’s everything you’d want from an exhibit done by Glenn and David Barton.

The big question is where did they get all this?

Only in a bizarre alternate universe does all this stuff find itself together in one room at a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So one might say it was just meant to be this way. I don’t know. What I do know is that I saw the “final” list of approved items before I left for Salt Lake. And what I saw on Monday at the museum had zero resemblance to that list. It was at least three times the size of the original list (already worth $35 million.) And every five minutes, another item would surface:

“Oh look Glenn… did you see this? It’s a letter from Dr. King… the last one he wrote before he was shot…should we use it?”

“Well we can’t leave it out… let’s put it next to the signed photograph of Rosa Parks and above that letter Malcolm X wrote.”

The team working on the museum has worked tirelessly to display all the items beautifully, telling a terrific story of history about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how the birth America changed the world.

But it definitely didn’t look that way on Monday.

Unpacking it was a mess. It was a scene that would have given any museum curator a stroke and killed him.

Everyone was running around screaming, trying to get everything together before the first museum visitors came…while at the same time trying not to step on George Washington’s hair…or the flag used by the Confederacy when they surrendered the Civil War…Someone almost crushed Abraham Lincoln’s hat while trying to take a five minute break sitting down (which would have been of course in his senate chair too).

Try to picture unpacking a new home except replace all your junk mail with letters from MLK, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Walt Disney….

Replace all your old dusty clothes with Redcoat uniforms from the Revolutionary War, Marcus Luttrell’s actual SEAL uniform…your out-of-style hats with a real hat worn by the Pilgrims…

Replace all your old dusty books and magazines with Marie Antoinette’s own bible, a Geneva Bible from 1590, another Bible that came over to America with Bradford on the Mayflower, a signed copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and a first edition copy of Common Sense (and not Glenn’s version but the original one Thomas Paine wrote…)

Lastly replace your old furniture with Abe Lincoln’s desk and Joseph Smith’s furniture.

That’s what Monday looked like.

But the “Independence Through History” exhibit is so amazing not because it has better stuff than all the others (which it likely does) but because it’s so unconventional and actually makes history interesting.

The first thing you’ll see when you walk in is a marble bust of Glenn himself.

But of course this bust moves and talks just like the ones on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland.

Glenn (the statue) whines about an itch that’s bugging him and how he can’t scratch it because he doesn’t have any arms.

Then he starts to talk about the real reason for building this museum, and why it’s different than any other you’ll see:

“History is really boring,” the Glenn-bust says dryly.

As a kid, nothing’s worse than when your parents take you to a museum. But he explains this needs to change if we want to save our country’s future. People need to actually see and experience all the real stuff so you can learn the real story of America.

This exhibit tells the story of why—for thousands of years—men only kindled fire by candle, but then America came along, and BOOM man created electricity, and cars, and airplanes, computers, and iPhones.

Why did this happen after America was born? What makes America different?

To really learn the answer, you’ll have to see the exhibit. But for fun, I’ve included a list of items that DIDN’T make the “final cut.”

These were just sitting on a luggage cart behind some curtains. So I asked a security guard if I could go look through them. He said yes, so I went through them and took some photos:

Among these items:

1. A bloodstained piece of leather from the limo John F. Kennedy was shot in

2. A sign that read “Drinking Fountain: White/Colored” with arrows pointing in opposite directions.

3. A Restroom sign saying the same thing

4. Handwritten letter from Ed White, the first American to walk in space

5. Handwritten note from the Native-American Geronimo.

6. A strand of Abraham Lincoln’s hair

7. A strand of William Seward’s hair (Lincoln’s secretary of state)

8. A strand of Robert E. Lee’s hair

9. An original proclamation written by John Jay

10. An envelope signed by Davy Crockett

Backstage with Raj at The Man in the Moon: Mark Mabry talks about what the story is really all about

Photo Diary: What’s it like working for Glenn during Man in the Moon?

Photos and story by Paige Perry

The Beck family takes their seats to watch the show

One of the perks to working at TheBlaze is that everyone does a little bit of everything. I was even told that when I was interviewed for the job, and they weren’t kidding. I produce for Glenn’s TV program but one of my other passions is photography. Events like Man in the Moon give me a chance to utilize both skills to document Glenn, the crew, and the audience.

Ben and Glenn discuss the production

Since this week has started, there has been a constant buzz of excitement and awe of how this has all come together. You can see it in Glenn’s face. Capturing the events of this week makes it clear that Glenn has had this on his mind for a while. This story is one that travels fast but ends openly for you to finish. To bring it to life, Glenn and Ben McPherson, the director of the show, put in an incredible amount of work. Not to mention, of course, all of the crew at ADL.

Glenn talks to the dance group working on the show

Last night we watched the first dress rehearsal, and before it began Glenn and Ben sat on the lawn going over last minute details. Glenn was so excited to get started. And once I got to see the show, I knew why. Everything fell into place and I definitely shed a tear or two. Guys, this show is everything anyone could ever want in a performance, and you leave feeling like you can conquer the world…well maybe after a good night’s sleep first.

The dancers at work during the first rehearsal
Working on the set

It’s amazing to see how this has come full circle since the mentions of Man in the Moon first began. My first day working at TheBlaze was the weekend after Restoring Love, making Man in the Moon my first “Glenn event”. Glenn talks about it with so much fervor that it just rubs off onto other people, in the best possible way. I may not have a good idea of where Glenn and this company have been, but I now know where we are going. And folks, it’s going to get real good.

I’ll see you all Saturday on the moon!



Producer J.P.: “Creativity and Imagination are back” with Man in the Moon

by J.P. Decker

Glenn tells J.P. what he can expect to see at Man in the Moon

I just got back from watching about 80% of Man in the Moon and all I can say is WOW!

Tonight I saw Walt Disney looking down and smiling, saying, “Creativity and imagination are back”.

Man in the Moon is more than a Glenn Beck Production, it’s bigger than you and me and Glenn. Watching everything come together tonight was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life.

I was sitting next to Raj Nair(Liberty Tree House) and when it all began both our mouths dropped and we just couldn’t take our eyes off of what was happening. As the show went on we both would just look at each other with awe and just shake our heads out of amazement.

I can say with all honesty that this will change lives, this will change your perspective on this country, this will help America to remember where she came from and remember that we are so much more than just a citizen of some country, we are citizens of the greatest country where dreams truly can come true but only if you’re willing to step-up and stand for what is right, and stand for one another.

Backstage with Raj at Man in the Moon: A sneak peek at last night’s dress rehearsal

Behind the scenes at Man in the Moon with Raj: The man behind Man in the Moon

Behind the scenes at Man in the Moon with Raj: The dance rehearsal

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