Behind the scenes at Man in the Moon with Raj: The Independence Museum

Producer J.P.: The scope of Man in the Moon is staggering

The past two nights I’ve been able to see about 50 percent of Man In the Moon. It really didn’t hit me how big this production really is until last night. Seeing the moon rising above the stage, watching the dancers, listening to the amazing soundtrack and hearing the story, really opened my eyes to […]

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Raj takes you backstage as the Moon is inflated

Photo: The Moon is hung at USANA Amphitheater

Check out your EXCLUSIVE first look at the Moon being hung for the first time at the USANA Amphitheater:

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Raj asks Stu: What is The Man in the Moon?

Morning Meeting fun

Morning meeting with Glenn, Stu & Pat. Pat was poking fun at Glenn’s shirt. Funny, but wrong. – Joe Kerry, Chief of Staff

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TheBlaze and Mercury Radio Arts celebrate the purchase of Dallas studios!

News broke yesterday that Glenn’s production company Mercury Radio Arts had purchased the Studios at Las Colinas. Today, the celebration kicked off as staff gathered for a toast and Glenn unveiled a stunning new piece of artwork that would hang in the studios stairwell as a reminder never to take yourself too seriously.

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Intern Blog: Perry goes to Washington

As if moving from a mountain in Tennessee to New York City isn’t scary enough, imagine working for a powerful company run by Glenn Beck and being sent to DC the second week on the job. My first week working for TheBlaze consisted of analyzing app reviews, selecting pictures for the website, reading through a […]

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Intern Blog: Lauren’s first day in Texas sent her to Oklahoma to provide disaster relief

Most people’s first day of a new job or internship includes sitting at a cubicle, filling out some paperwork, and trying (and usually failing) to connect to the company’s computer server. My first day as an intern with Mercury One involved helping with disaster relief work in the heart of Oklahoma. I quickly learned that […]

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REVEALED: Cover to the latest installment of the Michael Vey series

The Michael Vey 3 cover is officially out! Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere hits 9/17….pre-order now, or get caught up on Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 and Michael Vey: Rise of The Elgen, both are now in paperback and ebook! Click HERE for more details.

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