After today’s TV show, you may reconsider using Google.  Glenn will tell the story of Google, a private company and one of the most integrated companies of the digital age. Their motto is “Don’t be evil”, but they have been tied up in a series of controversies that show an invasion of privacy and even manipulation of searches to influence information.

Why should you have a problem with so much collection of information? Glenn will show quotes from Google executives that should have you more than a little concerned.

Glenn analyzes the latest from Hillary Clinton.

How did Egypt shut down the Internet? What was going on in our own Congress when that was going on at the same time?

Glenn will tell the story of Lara Logan, a reporter who was sexually assaulted in Egypt AFTER Mubarak stepped down and everything was supposedly so nice and democracy was flourishing. And what about the 300+ people who were killed during the protests? Glenn will give his reaction today.