Producer Dan Andros has written an in depth analysis on Ed Schultz’s ratings on MSNBC. Not too long ago, he claimed he was well on his way to kicking Glenn and Fox’s [expletive deleted]. As the left mocks Glenn’s declining ratings (click here for a an accurate analysis), Dan decided to check in on how “The Ed Show” was doing.

Back in November, I reminded Ed Schultz that his bold guarantee to ‘kick Fox’s ass’ by the 2010 mid-terms didn’t quite come to fruition. Using Ed’s own ratings methodology, he lost to Brett Baier by the narrow margin of 84 million viewers.

A Blaze reader (you have to love this thought process) decided to email that article, titled “FAIL: Ed Schultz prediction goes down in flames”, directly to big Ed himself. Strangely, Ed replied within minutes. The quick response made it appear as though he doesn’t get a lot of viewer email. Anyway, here’s what he said:

“We will get there…I’ve been here 20 months..we have delivered the best numbers msnbc has ever had in this time slot…ever ! Glad you are watching the numbers…I will save your email..ed
Sent from my (Ed’s) Verizon Wireless BlackBerry”

After this post I’m not entirely sure Ed will still be ‘glad’ we’re watching the numbers. Ed promised – with the grace and humility of a baboon – that he’d ‘‘lift his leg” on Fox after he tasted sweet victory. Looks like the celebration tinkle will have to remain on hold, as evidenced by the ratings since the last Schultz scoreboard update.

Here are the results from November 12, 2010 through March 18, 2011. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL BLOG