Well, we always thought they learned a lot – but based on the clip below Natasha, former intern/assistant producer/4th Hour gadget tester, said she learned “Nothing” when her internship started. See her response at about the 1:30 mark

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After her incredibly embarrassing answer that went out to a national audience, Natasha penned the following:

Despite what I said on national television yesterday, I actually got a lot out of my internship. Allow me to explain what happened. I got all fired up when one of the students in the audience said that many kids aren’t going after internships because they don’t pay and in this economy that’s not exactly a selling point. So when Glenn asked me what I got, I immediately said “Nothing” because I was so angry that some students don’t understand what a priceless experience an unpaid internship can give you. Sure I had to work a menial job and go school full time, but I made it a priority to come to my unpaid internship everyday because I knew that it was the most valuable education I could get and the best use of my time.   It was a passionate and unbridled response, and I stand by it.

Well, Glenn decided to play the audio of her TV appearance on air – needless to say she wasn’t happy