The other day I was driving through Manhattan and I managed to get a couple of photos of life in NYC.  First, the absolutely hilarious jokesters from some storage company that constantly tries to get attention with their storage-based-comedy targeting right wingers.  (Sorry for all the vitriol of using the word “targeting.”)

Hilarious company that rents small empty rooms.

Get it??!!  Tea party!?!?!?  Like in politics and stuff???!!?  And those people are dangerous as evidenced by…well…nothing.  But hey–calling half of the country violent is just part of comedy-written-by-those-who-lease-closets!  And it’s funny!!!  Because you also can store normal tea drinking supplies at the storage facility too!!! It just works on SO MANY LEVELS!!!

Surely someone out there is saying (or embarrassing themselves with a status message) along the lines of:  “How can you say that the tea party isn’t dangerous??  What about those Arizona shootings!!?!?”

Well, I’ve already presented all of the research showing that neither the Tea Party, Republicans, nor conservatives in general had anything to do with what Jared Lee Loughner did.  But, allow me to add on a bit of anecdotal evidence as well.  Guess where you can currently see Jared Lee Loughner’s favorite conspiracy movie???

Anti-religion, anti-currency, pro-popcorn!

I mean, when you think Tea Party, you think Tribeca.  Surely, if you had a hard core right wing audience as your target (that word again)—the best possible place for your movie to appear is in Tribeca where no republican has received a vote since approximately 429BC.

Of course, this proves nothing, but it’s bizarre anyway.   The movie is by all reports all over the board, but check out these clips and see how right wing they sound…

Zeitgeist Clip – Religions are Frauds

Zeitgeist Clip – Religion is Myth