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It’s 3:00am and Obama has proved Hillary right

by Dan Andros

President Obama’s biggest weakness heading into the 2008 election was his lack of foreign policy experience. Many questioned the wisdom in electing a community organizer with a naïve foreign policy to be the leader of the free world. Even Hillary Clinton raised doubts with her infamous ‘3:00am’ commercial.

The administration’s dishonest & disorganized handling of the Benghazi attack confirms the validity of those concerns and leaves Americans with the impression that their President is inept, indifferent or both. Ironically, Hillary Clinton was the first Obama administration official who correctly identified Benghazi as a terrorist attack, although two days she later followed marching orders and blamed the anti-Islamic YouTube video.

The administration immediately sought to blame the video because it fits neatly into Obama’s worldview. He doesn’t believe terrorists are created by zealots who pervert Islam, he believes terrorists are born out of oppression from colonialist powers such as the United States. That’s why ‘radical Islam’ has been removed from counter terrorism training manuals. That’s why his first reaction when terrorists killed 2 U.S. soldiers over a Quran burning incident was to sympathize with the killers for burning the Quran, not condemn them.

Obama’s foreign policy was ill-fated from the moment it set sail. Many knew it, and now we’re tragically witnessing the proof.

The latest updates on the Benghazi attacks are devastating to the Obama administration. If there is a shred of journalistic integrity left in the media, the Benghazi debacle will bring Obama’s presidency to an end.

UPDATE #1: Benghazi was bombed twice in the run-up to 9/11 anniversary

This puts quite a severe hole in the administration’s claim (made by Jay Carney) that:

“We were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent. That report is false.”

In the report from the Daily Beast a senior State Department official acknowledged there were five serious attacks on Western targets since the spring in the lead up to the 9/11 anniversary.

“Security deteriorated significantly in June. On June 10, a man fired a rocket-propelled grenade in broad daylight into a convoy carrying the British ambassador to Libya. Later that month, the Red Cross was attacked again. By the end of June, the British Consulate and the Red Cross closed their facilities in Benghazi.”

In all there were at least 13 incidents leading up to the attack – including specific threats made against Ambassador Stevens with Jihadists posting his regular jogging route seemingly to encourage an attack.

Also note: the attacks and warnings were occurring long prior to July, the month the YouTube video cited by Obama was uploaded to the internet. So – what were they angry about? Something on Twitter? MySpace?

UPDATE #2: House Oversight says requests for increased security in Benghazi before 9/11 denied by Washington

Why would those requests be denied? That is a really good question. Jake Tapper asked Jay Carney, here’s the response: “I’m not going to get into a situation under review by the State Department and the FBI”

UPDATE #3: Benghazi suspect freed from Egyptian prison after Mubarak fall


As the President cheered on the Arab Spring and praised all those young folk setting themselves on fire, he ignored the obvious danger signs. Like the hundreds of radical jihadists being released from prison. At least one of those freed prisoners then goes and helps murder Ambassador Stevens.

Each new update is another harsh indictment on Obama. Here’s the story being told by the facts:

>The administration had prior knowledge of increased violence in Benghazi

>The administration knew of specific threats against the Ambassador

>The administration denied multiple requests from Benghazi for increased security, leaving them vulnerable to attack

>The administration knowingly misled Americans on the cause of the Benghazi attack in order to conceal the fact that America had just suffered a terrorist attack under his watch – on the anniversary of 9/11.

>Attacks and threats on Benghazi were happening even before the video Obama blamed was posted on the internet, meaning he lied to the American people in order to save his own arse.

Also worth noting: the administration is not bending over backwards to investigate prior to Nov 6th. The mother of Tyrone Woods (one of the SEALS killed in the attack) has spoken out against the administration for the slow pace of the investigation.

The story being fed to the media is that they aren’t sending agents in due to security fears. So they ignored multiple requests before the attack but now that agents are about to investigate and uncover possibly damaging information to Obama they won’t allow anyone in the area? The sudden concern doesn’t seem all that sincere.

President Obama has confirmed many, including Hillary Clinton’s worst fears: he has no clue what he’s doing in regards to foreign policy. He’s in over his head and flailing about at a time when the world needs decisive leadership. But what else should we expect from a President who thinks giving the OBL raid a green light is a ‘gutsy call’? That was a no brainer – and he needed a night to sleep on the decision.

It’s 3:00am and Barack Obama has proved Hillary Clinton right – well, sort of. We don’t want her on the other end of the line either.



Being George Washington: Diligence

by Sara J

“I am confident of certain victory,” or “Pil Sung,” is a phrase that was ingrained into me growing up. I took Karate (Tai Kwon Do, really), and before every class we said a pledge which centered around this tenant, but not in a sense of simply beating your opponent. This is a principal of personal dedication—a challenge issued to yourself to give your maximum effort to the point that it is expended to the limits of your ability in personal growth, spiritual growth, physical growth, or any goal you set for yourself. It embodied courtesy, integrity perseverance, and self-control. Our instructors didn’t simply apply this to us while we were inside the walls of the gym. If someone got in trouble outside the gym, more than likely you were going to get in trouble once you got to the gym.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wow…why would your parents make you do that?” but it was fun. People who know me now would say, “Well… you just like that kind of thing–you’re competitive and self-disciplined.” Well, I was a seven year old…with asthma and a pretty solid case of ADD, so it’s much more likely that having these principals instilled in me helped mold me into a person who is competitive and self-disciplined.

Young people in America today don’t appear to be familiar with the principal of diligence. Who can blame them when we have parents quitting their marriages left and right, our political leaders saying one thing while blatantly doing another, and failure continues to be removed from just about every aspect of life? One of the major parties platforms in our country says that women don’t have to follow through with a pregnancy.

Now, before you run to enroll your young kids in Karate, stop and look in the mirror. Parents play a much larger role in teaching these principals to their children than any coach ever will. I wasn’t allowed to quit anything I started growing up, unless it was a bad habit. Basketball seems a lot less fun after all of your friends quit the team, but it didn’t matter–friends didn’t determine what decisions I did or didn’t make. This didn’t go down in our house. I wasn’t allowed to quit the basketball any faster than I was allowed to quit my chores. Parents play a HUGE role–I know mine did. Why do you think that “The George Washington Challenge” is between parents and their kids? Because Mom and Dad have to set the bar.

Diligence is defined as “a constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. This isn’t just the first principal of the George Washington Challenge, in many ways it is also the last principal of The Challenge. In order to be successful at any of the principals in The Challenge following this one you will have to be diligent—not only in your actions, but in your heart and mind. Good luck!

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