The Morning Meeting: Why you should be scared by the new HSBC news

The Morning Meeting: Prerequisites for parenting?

Glenn Beck in San Diego for cable luncheon

What happens when Glenn Beck and Al Jazeera are find themselves in the same room? Glenn was speaking at NCTC (National Cable Television Cooperative) in San Diego and the luncheon happened to be sponsored by Al Jazeera America. Wonder if they knew who the featured speaker would be….

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Raj talks to David Osmond, Chris Stewart

First Look: American Dream Labs, Salt Lake City

#MisfitBall is the top trending hashtag on Twitter!

It’s 3:00am and Obama has proved Hillary right

Each new update is another harsh indictment on Obama

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Being George Washington: Diligence

In order to be successful at any of the principals in The Challenge following this one you will have to be diligent—not only in your actions, but in your heart and mind.

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