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Want to return this country to greatness? Your empowerment begins here.
By seeking and reporting the truth, we here at The Blaze—the same team that has revolutionized online news at—know that this magazine will equip you with the tools you need to change your world.The great thing about knowing the truth is not just the freedom inherent in the knowledge but also the opportunity to share it with someone else so he can experience that same freedom.The Blaze will provide the facts, arguments and words you need to buttress the case for conservatism’s belief that this country is still the best there is and, as President Lincoln said, “the last best hope of Earth.”If you want to see this country return to where it is supposed to be (instead of being what we Americans have allowed it to become), stand with us.If you want to raise up the next Washington or Jefferson or Lincoln or Reagan, stand with us.This magazine is not just a tool we’re providing for you—it also serves as a reminder that, as you stand, you never stand alone.We surround them. And we will win.