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Radio Show FAQ

1) Who sings the radio theme song?

All of our theme music is produced in-house.

2) I want to call into the radio show. What # do I use?

888-727-BECK (2325)

3) How do I get in touch with Glenn or Stu?

You can contact both Glenn and Stu by email.

Glenn can be reached at me@glennbeck.com.
Stu can be reached at stu@glennbeck.com.

Please note that due to the heavy volume of emails, there may be an occasional error message when the inbox is full, so we ask that you please be patient with responses.

Please attention packages/letters to the following address:

The Glenn Beck Program
1270  Avenue of the Americas
9th Floor
New York, NY 10020.

4) I have a question about something Glenn mentioned on the show. Who do I ask?

If you are an Insider Extreme subscriber, you have the advantage of asking questions LIVE on the radio show & the possibility of receiving responses from Jeffy, Stu, Glenn, Pat or Sarah with our feature, ‘The Feed’! You may also email us at  customerservice@glennbeck.com for more information.

5) I want access to Glenn on the radio, but I’m not sure what station to tune into?

Not a problem! We have over 400 affiliates all over the country that broadcast the show. For a station near you, scroll to your state and press the ‘go’ button here.

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