There is a plan to save Obamacare! And it’s coming from Republican senators?
Today on radio, Pat and Stu filled in for Glenn. One of the topics they discussed was the recent lawsuit that could be the end of Obamacare! Yes, apparently 34 out of 50 states did not set up their own health care exchanges as the law clearly states, and instead went through the federal exchange. But don’t get too excited because it appears that three Republican senators are coming to the rescue to save Obamacare. WATCH

John Kerry says our relationship with Israel is closer than ever
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to the United States to address Congress regarding the Obama administration’s attempt to negotiate a nuclear weapons agreement with Iran. Surprisingly, John Kerry appeared to take a positive approach to the visit, saying we have a very close relationship with Israel at this time. But was it really positive? Pat and Stu took a slightly different meaning from his words. Listen to their analysis. MORE

Our technology knows everything about us
It’s easy to get excited about the latest and greatest piece of technology, whether it’s a new iPhone or a new app that makes your life easier. It is amazing how fast technology is changing and expanding from what it was 20 to 30 years ago. Pat and Stu took some time on radio, with the help of Jeffy, to discuss some things that will be here before you know it! WATCH

Secret facility in Chicago where criminals are tortured without due process?
The Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square building has recently been making headlines in the media. While the police department denies that there is any foul play occurring, there are those who disagree. Glenn had Tracy Siska, a civil rights activist on the Glenn Beck Program

Glenn’s salute to Walt Disney
Over the weekend, Glenn couldn’t contain his excitement and had to share a frame from Sunday’s shoot in the woods of “Johnny Appleseed”. History House is using claymation for their episodes — Glenn’s salute to the great Walt Disney. Read more of Glenn’s post and see the amazing image HERE.

Did Saturday Night Live take this joke too far?
Dakota Johnson, star of the new movie Fifty Shades of Grey, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Surprisingly, the thing that people are talking about does not have to do with the star’s role in the hit movie, but instead, a sketch she played a role in about ISIS. Did SNL go too far? WATCH

Happy story break: Here’s one piece of news that will actually make you smile today
We know, it’s Monday, a very rough day of the week. Well, we wanted to share a story with you to brighten up your week! Madera, a blind 11-year-old dog wandered away from her home into the freezing Alaskan woods. After his companion went missing for two weeks, her owner dreaded the worst. But we wouldn’t call this “happy story break” for no reason! Read more on TheBlaze to find out what happened to Madera HERE.

Prominent Russian opposition figure shot dead over the weekend
Over the weekend, Boris Nemstov, a Russian opposition leader and sharp critic of President Vladimir Putin was gunned down near Kremlin. In the wake of Nemtsov’s murder, find out what you need to know about Aleksandr Dugin HERE.

What is a caliphate? Here’s what Glenn said in 2011
Way back in 2011, Glenn began warning America about the goal of Islamic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood: The caliphate. No one wanted to believe that extremists would be working to conquer the Middle East under Islamic rule. The libs in the media called Glenn “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist,” but flash forward just a few years and no one can deny that the endgame of ISIS is an Islamic State sweeping the Middle East (and beyond)! Here’s what Glenn predicted when the Muslim Brotherhood was first coming to power and the so-called experts were mocking him. WARNING: If it happened in 2011, it will more than likely happen again. LISTEN

Glenn doubled down on the caliphate — and it drove the left CRAZY!
In 2011, after being mocked by the left, Glenn went on-air and decided to double down. Glenn refused to let groups like Media Matters use his words to attack FOX News or any other conservative organization. This was his prediction and his alone — and he could feel in his bones that he was right. This is a moment that drove the left crazy. Find out why HERE.

Why it’s time to start calling it ‘Psychotic Islam’
For the past couple of days, Glenn has started to use a new term to refer to those who would murder in the name of Islam, “Psychotic Islam”. What made him decide to use the new, much harsher term to describe the extremists? He explained on radio today. WATCH

This 100-year-old agreement tells you everything you need to know about the ISIL end game
It’s the struggle of all struggles, the ultimate quagmire, an abyss of hate and death. Palestinians and Israelis, will it ever end? The answer can be found in one simple word, a word that that will lead us to the end by taking us back to the beginning. On the Glenn Beck Program, he explored the only question that matters: Why? MORE

Here’s the real ‘War on Women’: Daily life with the Islamic State
If you were to turn on MSNBC on any given day, you’d be sure to see one of their hosts (the ones who haven’t been cancelled yet) slamming someone in the GOP for waging a “war on women.” But if you want to see a real war, look no further than the treatment of women under the rule of the Islamic State — truly, truly horrifying. MORE

Glenn: The news is nothing more than my worst nightmares and worst warnings
After spending three hours looking back at the rise of the Islamic State, Glenn gave a final warning to the audience. What has happened over the past four years is just the beginning. There is true evil on the rise, and they aren’t even hiding it. Glenn issued his warning, and declared that he would stand against the Islamic State no matter the cost. LISTEN


‘You morons! You useful idiots!’ : Glenn goes off on net neutrality supporters
Just hours before the FCC approved net neutrality, Glenn delivered a passionate and frustrated plea for the people to wake up and recognize the dangers of growing government regulation of the internet. The legislation will supposedly protect the internet from big, evil corporations and special interest groups, but a last minute change shows just how dangerous it could be for independant businesses. What happened? Find out HERE.

From TheBlaze: Net Neutrality Passes
If you have been listening, reading, or watching Glenn the past few days you are more than aware of his opinion on net neutrality. Unfortunately, despite his warnings to our government the FCC approved the net neutrality proposal in a straight party line vote. Even with the vote, it looks like this issue is far away from being over. Read more HERE.

Grieving dad rips ‘black lives matter’ mantra
The country was torn apart last year over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York City. “Black lives matter” became the rallying cry as protests and riots erupted from New York to California. But one father wonders how true that is. His son wasn’t gunned down by white police officers, but by an illegal immigrant DREAMer. Hear his powerful message for the Obama administration and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Why is sex in a box allowed on TV?
This morning on radio, Glenn brought up a new television show premiering tomorrow evening. What is this new show? Sex Box, the show where couples have sex in a box with a live audience and then discuss their issues with three “experts.” Listen to Glenn, Pat and Stu rip the stupidity of this show apart. MORE

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“Reading it completely changed my approach to defending myself & my family against physical harm. Because I care about your safety I believe it’s imperative you read it too. That’s why I’m gifting you exclusive access today. Click here to get your FREE 238-page PDF.

Rick Santorum previews his CPAC appearance
Former Senator Rick Santorum and his wife Karen joined the radio show this morning to discuss Rick’s upcoming appearance at CPAC and their new book Bella’s Gift: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation. Rick and Karen talked their daughter Bella and the lessons she has taught their family. Rick also went into the danger of Islamic extremism in the Middle East, a threat he was warning about long before anyone else in Washington. WATCH

How bad is the corruption in the State Department?
Last night, Glenn was joined by TheBlaze’s Sara Carter to discuss the arrest of Senior State Department official Daniel Rosen. Rosen was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly soliciting a juvenile. How far does the corruption in the State Department go? Sara reveals some of the shocking details she has uncovered as part of the For The Record team with Glenn.WATCH

Mark Cuban thinks you need to go to college – here’s why
Do you need to go to college? Plenty of successful entrepreneurs have built business empires without a higher education. Steve Jobs. Walt Disney. Mark Zuckerberg. Even Glenn didn’t finish. All of these people found the motivation and skills within themselves to turn their talent and passion into something bigger than themselves. But last night, Mark Cuban argued that some college was necessary for entrepreneurs. Find out why HERE.

Mark Cuban lays out why net neutrality is so terrible
Mark Cuban joined Glenn for a full hour on TheBlaze TV to discuss the impending decision on net neutrality. Cuban has been an outspoken opponent of net neutrality, and laid out the impact that the legislation could have on entrepreneurs. MORE

Tumblr exec stumbles when pressed on net neutrality
Lots of people in Silicon Valley and the technology sector are coming out in favor of net neutrality. Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp, for example, was on CNBC advocating the new legislation. But when someone challenged him about the “monopoly situation” he was criticizing, he quickly stammered and revealed he wasn’t as much of an expert as he was pretending to be. Glenn had the audio on radio this morning. WATCH

Chris Kyle’s killer found guilty – here’s how Glenn reacted to the verdict
Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty Tuesday night of capital murder in the killing of American Sniper Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. After reading the news, Glenn wondered if the sentence truly fit the crime. LISTEN


Marcus Luttrell’s message to American Sniper killer
Marcus Luttrell stood by the Kyle family as Eddie Ray Routh was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of American Sniper Chris Kyle. After the verdict was read, Marcus took to Facebook to give his immediate thoughts on the sentence.READ


Senior State Department Counterterrorism Director arrested for allegedly soliciting minor
Senior State Department official Daniel Rosen was arrested for allegedly soliciting a juvenile Tuesday afternoon, a Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman told TheBlaze. Get the full story from Sara Carter HERE.

Glenn couldn’t believe this was true
In 2014, For The Record received exclusive reports from State Department whistleblowers who exposed appalling allegations of prostitution, pedophilia and a drug ring among senior officials. We named these criminals in Honor Fight and told you that our government is covering up major sex crimes. Now, a full year after For The Record broke the story the mainstream media is finally waking up. Today a Senior State Department official was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a minor. If you want the truth, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. WATCH


Glenn is torn: Hates surveillance state, loves self driving cars
Would you like to have a self-driving car? Glenn got to drive something very close to one over the weekend and it was very, very cool. But new technology means sacrificing quite a bit of personal information to the growing surveillance state. What do you do? Glenn liked it so much he was almost ready to give up all remaining privacy to get it. WATCH

Here’s what Lady Gaga had to say about Glenn’s review
Glenn gave a glowing review of Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance, calling her a genius and a master at her craft. Well, someone must have showed her the review, because she tweeted out a response later that night. Read what the superstar had to sayHERE.

Programming Alert: A full hour with Mark Cuban!
TONIGHT, at 5PM ET Glenn will be sitting down with the entrepreneur for a full hour. Best part? You can ask Mark some of your own questions after the show! WATCH

Here’s what Glenn thinks about denying service to same sex couples
Freedom isn’t always pretty. Sometimes there will be disagreements, and one of the trickiest is being able to accept that not everyone has to love and/or agree with our lifestyles. There may come a time when someone will not be able to serve you because of a deeply held personal belief. Here’s how Glenn explained denying service on radio today. MORE

Scott Walker was too nice. It’s incredibly obvious that Barack Obama isn’t a Christian.
Matt Walsh is at it again, bringing his sense of humor and blunt reality to life. In his blog post, Walsh dissects the way the media has been portraying Scott Walker’s middle of the road response when asked about the president’s religion. Leave it to Matt Walsh to call out both republicans and liberal media. MORE

Why did Glenn have to play this song on radio?
A song written for the right reasons. LISTEN

Is this going to cause the end of Obamacare?
TOMORROW at 8PM ET, For the Record investigates a rapidly growing trend within healthcare – how primary care doctors are not taking insurance and moving to cash only practices. Hear personal stories of the millions of Americans embracing a cash care system, how it works, and why it is a more affordable alternative to traditional health insurance and Obamacare. TOMORROW at 8PM ET, For The Record: CashcareWATCH

Keep the internet free from government
The FCC is trying to take control of the internet. With only a few more days left to voice your opposition to this preposterous plan for a Department of the Internet, it is absolutely necessary that you sign this form. Sign the FCC formHERE.

This guy crushes pro-net neutrality crowd with these 6 points
Want to explain why passing a net neutrality law is a terrible idea? See the argument in favor of net neutrality get absolutely destroyed in 6 devastating points by clicking HERE.



Wow! Lady Gaga honors The Sound of Music at the Oscar’s and it was really good
The “Poker Face” singer has been branching out from her unorthodox brand lately, showing a different side to her vast musical talent. You may have recently heard the singer performing hit ballads with Tony Bennett. Well, last night at the Oscar’s she showed everyone another level, singing a compilation from The Sound of Music, and she nailed it! Hear what Glenn had to say about her performance. LISTEN

It’s ‘a miracle’ — Glenn discusses the miracle of no longer being sick
Several weeks ago Glenn revealed severe health issues that he’d been struggling with for years. Glenn posted on Facebook last Friday that doctors declared some amazing news — he was given the medical all clear. They all said it was a “miracle” — Glenn reacts to the great news on radio today. MORE

Did you miss Glenn’s radio program this morning?
Even an ice storm in Dallas can’t stop Glenn from hosting his morning radio show. If you missed the live broadcast this morning, don’t worry! You can listen anytime, anywhere, absolutely free with on demand audio of the show. Head over to to start streaming now. LISTEN

Giuliani continues to put Obama in place
It may be too little too late, but Rudy Giuliani is absolutely unleashing on President Obama in recent days. His comments last week offered up a scathing critique on Obama’s unwillingness to vigorously defend the American people like a real leader should. His stunning speech sounded reminiscent of Winston Churchill, who warned against evil rising while Chamberlain pursued appeasement. Glenn reacts on radio today — WATCH.

Obama administration denying the obvious on the Islamic State
The Obama administration began last week with the assertion that the root cause for ISIL’s barbaric behavior was “its lack of opportunity for jobs.” President Obama ended the week claiming that ISIL’s allure for young people is that they “feel entirely trapped in impoverished communities . . . where there are no educational opportunities.” Nonsense. In fact, it is and has been just the opposite. Get the full op-ed from David Barton HERE.

Stu-truth? Conspiracy theories flood internet after Stu’s mysterious absence on radio today 
Glenn gave his employees the choice of coming to work today, given the weather situation. Stu didn’t hesitate and immediately chose not to drive the 2 or 3 miles to work, igniting controversy. It was Stu’s wife Lisa who outed him on social media, which prompted suspicion because Lisa just happens to have a brand new radio show (PopCrush Nights). Was this all a giant publicity stunt to alert fans to Lisa’s triumphant return to radio? Glenn reacts to the troubling news on radio today — WATCH.

Programming Alert!
The current ice storm in Dallas has caused some problems with what we had planned to air tonight, but we still have some great content coming your way! Join Glenn tonight for a show called Live The Dream. This compilation show focuses on what it looks like to live out the principles of love, courage, and integrity. Watch Glenn’s powerful monologue and listen to some of his great sit-down discussions. Tonight on TheBlaze.

Why Glenn thinks we could be headed for a new ‘Dark Ages’
After a week of shows exposing the history of Big Brother, Dan and Tiffany sat down with Glenn and asked him what scared him the most about the world his kids are going to grow up in.WATCH


Bill O’Reilly strikes back at Mother Jones hit piece
Media legend Bill O’Reilly joined Glenn on radio today, and reacted harshly to the Mother Jones article accusing him of lying about his own war coverage back in 1982. This one is not going to end well for Mother Jones, an already discredited liberal rag that appears to be heading for another round of hefty discrediting. “Nobody reads it” O’Reilly said — check out the full interview with Beck HERE.

Giuliani doubles down: Yep, Obama isn’t a fan of America
Last night on Fox News, Megyn Kelly asked Mayor Giuliani if he would like to apologize for his comments about Obama not loving America. Instead of cowering to the PC police like most do, Giuliani doubled down and said he meant every word. Then he explained it again. WATCH

Did Muslims play a role in the founding of the country?
Has Islam been woven into the fabric of the country since it was founded? That’s what President Obama tried to say in a conference on countering violent extremism. Glenn couldn’t believe it, so he invited an expert on the Founders, David Barton, on to the radio show. Here’s what he found. READ

#SpyWeek Finale
Glenn wrapped up SpyWeek on TheBlaze last night with a chilling look at where the surveillance state is heading next. What sort of world are we creating for our children and grandchildren? We are creating a world vastly different from ours today, where all the rules of the game are changed. See the fascinating conversation from TV last night HERE.

Pat loses fight over ‘gluten-free’
Pat shared on radio today how he just “lost it” with his wife over certain dietary choices being made in his household related to being “gluten free”. He thought he won the argument, but it became clear he did not, because when he arrived home from work he had “nothing” to eat. Hear Pat explain his failed attempt to once again have normal food in his household. MORE

Who could possibly be against drinking water? Stu
Michelle Obama recently pushed for people to start drinking more water. Who could possibly be against seemingly benign advice such as this? Stu Burguiere, that’s who. Think he’s being ridiculous? Watch his explanation and you may just be surprised. MORE


Rand Paul responds to hit piece over his ‘audit The Fed’ bill
Earlier this week, Politico published a hit piece on Senator Rand Paul over his push to audit the Federal Reserve. The article claims that Sen. Paul isn’t telling the truth and this is just a calculated way for him to energize the Libertarian base. Glenn invited Sen. Paul onto the radio show today to respond to the attacks one by one. MORE

Giuliani: ‘I do not believe the president loves America’
During a private dinner in Manhattan featuring Scott Walker, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went right for the jugular. Not only did he say that he didn’t believe President Obama loves America, he called out the president’s unusual childhood. The comments were harsh – but were they fair? Glenn has the story and his reaction HERE.

Is this why Obama won’t say ‘Islamic Extremism’?
It’s no secret that the White House steers far, far away from using the term “Islam” or “Muslim” in the same sentence as “extremist”. During a press briefing, Ed Henry called out White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest for not saying that the 21 people killed by the Islamic State in Egypt were Christians, but President Obama did invoke the faith of the three Muslims killed in North Carolina. Is there an ongoing double standard? Glenn has a theory as to what may be happening in the White House. LISTEN

Did you know Nazis once gathered at NYC’s Madison Square Garden?
After WWII, Hitler made Nazism terribly unfashionable. Just like his mustache. But, as the Nazis first took power in Germany, many here in America were on the fascism bandwagon. Tens of thousands of American Nazis gathered at Madison Square Garden to rally around the idea of American Nazism. Watch the insane back story of the movement and its leader HERE.

Glenn: We are already in World War III
Glenn has been warning for a while that we could be on the verge of a new World War, but today he took the warning a step further. We’re no longer on the cusp of a conflict – it’s already here. Now what? Glenn explains what it means and what to do next HERE.

TONIGHT: Glenn provides a chilling glimpse into the future of surveillance and explains how you can fight back!
#SpyWeek continues with a special program on The Death of Privacy… Glenn recaps the theme of the week and hosts a roundtable discussion on how privacy issues are a direct threat to you and your family – and how you can defend against omni-present surveillance. WATCH


Howard Dean gets owned by Mike Rowe ‘the worst idea I’ve ever heard’
Mike Rowe strikes again, this time in response to a Facebook question about Howard Dean’s condescending questions about Scott Walker not finishing College. Rowe said “making elected office contingent on a college degree is maybe the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” Bam. Dean goes down.

The Atlantic nails it with fantastic ISIS piece
Glenn was optimistic today after reading a fantastic piece in left leaning The Atlantic about the group ISIS and their motivations. It’s exactly what Glenn has been saying for years, which he has been made fun of for, but truth no one on the left was willing to echo. Looks like they’re starting to play catch up — a good sign for us, bad for ISIS. Glenn has MORE on radio today.

Joe Biden is groping women again ‘It’s disturbing’
This is awkward… Defense Secretary Ash Carter had been sworn in for mere moments when Joe Biden decided to get a little too close to Carter’s wife. As Carter was giving his remarks, Biden put his hands on Stephanie Carter’s shoulders and whispered into her ear. She seemed just as disgusted by the whole thing as Glenn was seeing the photo.

Is the CIA prepared to protect us from the next 9/11 attack?
Tonight #spyweeek continues on TheBlaze with the season premiere of ‘For the Record.’ Hear from former CIA spies who reveal how our intelligence community’s reliance on technology is completely ineffective and has set the US up to fail in fighting the War on Terror. Premieres tonight at 8PM ET, followed by a special Q&A hosted by national security expert Buck Sexton. Tweet your questions to #spyweek. Only on TheBlaze.

Net Neutrality ‘one of the most important issues of our time’
Glenn dedicated a lot of time this week to the ongoing debate over net neutrality. Plenty of people are coming out and praising net neutrality as the only path to a fair and open internet, but is it? On radio this morning, Glenn revealed the Marxist connections of some of net neutrality’s earliest proponents, as well as the incredible advancements that have come from an internet free of government interference.

‘The Root’: Chilling history of Big Brother in America
Last night’s program featured a chilling look at America’s long and consistent path away from the 4th Amendment. It’s nothing new, and some of the worst of it came during World War II.

Can you solve our cipher?
One interesting fact from last night’s program was that the top signals intelligence mind of the 20th century was inspired by none other than Edgar Allan Poe. A big fan of solving ciphers, Poe often included them in his works. We decided to create one for you to solve — see if you can crack the code!

Former DIA director identifies disconnect between intelligence and policymakers
American leaders are failing to adapt their strategies to new threats identified by intelligence organizations, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said. Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn sat down with TheBlaze TV’s ‘For the Record’ senior investigative correspondent Sara Carter for an exclusive interview about the growing threats to the United States and the challenges facing American intelligence.


You are being watched. Right now.
#Spyweek kicks off tonight with The Root: Birth of Big Brother, an in-depth look at how the 4th Amendment is dying a slow, painful death and no one is trying to save it. How have private communications corporations colluded with government to destroy individual liberty? It’s all being done in the name of security. How did we get here? And how far will they go and is there anything you can do about it? Watch a very special Glenn Beck Program TONIGHT at 5pm. HERE

This guy crushes pro-net neutrality crowd with these 6 points
Want to explain why passing a net neutrality law is a terrible idea? See the argument in favor of net neutrality get absolutely destroyed in 6 devastating points by clicking HERE.

Why net neutrality is a terrible idea
The push for net neutrality is on and it is the typical progressive issue. Given a name that sounds fair and logical, what it really boils down to is government giving itself an access point for more regulation, power and money. What will happen if this passes is disastrous – Glenn has more details on radio today. WATCH

Keep the internet free from government: Sign the FCC form HERE.

Wait, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz actually say something that makes sense?

It’s a rare day indeed that Glenn will agree with something on MSNBC, especially from hosts Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz. But apparently the psychotic Islam practiced by the Islamic State can make the strangest of bedfellows find common ground. MORE

Glenn: I believe we are now in the early stages of World War III
Christians beheaded in Libya. A Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage. Jewish graves vandalized in France. Everywhere you turn, the news seems to get worse and worse. Sadly, events in Europe and the Middle East echo the build up to World War II. In a powerful monologue last night, Glenn warned listeners it is past time to wake up. He warned last year “and so it begins”, and now it is here. Real danger lies beyond the horizon – what kind of person will you be when everything comes to a head?WATCH

The Root ‘Flashback’: Is this the most dangerous man in the world?
Meet Aleksandr Dugin. Never heard of him? We’re not surprised. But ignorance is no longer an excuse. On the last installment of The Root, Glenn revealed in detail who this man is and why he might be the most dangerous man in the world today. If you think Woodrow Wilson or George Soros were scary, buckle up. Learn everything you need to know about Dugin and how he and Putin could destroy the Western way of life. WATCH