Czars gone wild: Jones spouts radical views (video)

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Van Jones unhinged

After weeks of asking the White House to answer questions on the radical background and beliefs of Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, they STILL have not responded. Probably with good reason because the guy is a radical Marxist and has latched on to the Green jobs movement in order to achieve ‘social justice.’ Take a look at this video from waaaaaay back in 2009 where he says:


"And our Native American sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didn’t want, where it was all hot and windy, well, guess what.  Renewable energy.  Guess what, solar industry.  Guess what, wind industry.  They now own and control 80% of the renewable energy resources.  No more broken treaties.  No more broken treaties.  Give them the wealth.  Give them the wealth.  Give them the dignity.  Give them the respect that they deserve.  No justice on stolen land.  We owe them a debt." 

And that is just the beginning. Listen to the amazing FREE audio HERE.

9/12 Update: Glenn gives the very latest on what is happening in the build up to the big ‘9/12′ event. If you haven’t made plans to head down to DC and let your politicians know you WILL vote them out if they don’t stop the nonsense, get involved! Find out how you can get there by visiting the 912 Project site and the meet-up site. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Where will Glenn be on 9/12? Find out here.

Glenn talks with Ted Bell

Glenn believes we must teach our children the good and honorable values that have been so lost. Glenn thinks Ted Bell’s new book, Nick of Time, is a classic – it teaches kids that they can be a hero in their own life. It is in bookstores everywhere and Glenn can not recommend it enough! ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Arguing with Idiots – Czar Jones

It’s a Czar Tuesday! Glenn’s new book Arguing with Idiots comes out later this month ( you can pre-order your copy today) and today’s argument centers around the Czar of the Day: Van Jones. The self avowed Communist has a lot to say — which is a good thing, because we know exactly where he stands. Next time your ‘in the tank’ friend who blindly supports Obama complains, get the facts on his radical Czars. If they STILL aren’t turned around, then congratulations, you are friends with a Commie! ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Obama’s friends

Wondering what President Obama is thinking? That’s easy — take the President’s very own advice. In the third Presidential debate he told America if they wanted to know how he’s thinking on an issue, just look at who’s around him. We took him up on that one and the result of ‘look at who’s around him’ is quite frightening. From ‘rights for animals to sue’ to ‘forced abortions’ to ‘global government,’ Obama’s friends all have one thing in common: crazy, radical viewpoints. Meet them HERE.

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