Independent study: We’re toast

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Glenn, CPAC, and exercise


A couple of recent news items to report: Glenn is speaking at CPAC this Saturday (catch it LIVE on Fox News) and he’s also started up his diet again. When Glenn was first on TV, he was ‘scared skinny.’ At some point along the way he lost motivation and the multiple chins returned. Glenn talks about the speech, exercise, and the proof in Glenn’s office that government programs don’t work. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Study: We’re toast

An independent study out today confirms many of Glenn’s worst suspicions — that no matter what Joe Biden says about the 20th Century (see gaffe HERE) we are in for some bumpy times ahead, EVEN IF we come out of the recession. How could that be? Glenn talks about the study on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Jobless claims ‘unexpectedly’ rise

Is there ever a time when it’s ‘as expected’ from the experts on the economy? Given the way our government continues to spend, grow and ignore the will of the people, it shouldn’t exactly be a shocker that unemployment climbs. Glenn has more on the economy from radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Stu gives the final word: In the ongoing Maddow/Beck saga that for some reason never seems to end, Stu chimes in to give (hopefully) the final word on this ridiculous mess. Check out the breakdown HERE.

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What would the Founders do?

That’s exactly the question more of our leaders in Washington should be asking before they make decisions — and it’s up to we, the people, to already know the answers ahead of time. That’s exactly what the American Revival event is all about, getting America back to its founding principles. Tickets are on sale now for the Orlando and Phoenix American Revival – an all day event aimed at reconnecting you with the founding of this country and what made this country great. Find out more HERE.

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