Is the TSA saga overblown?

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TSA saga: What’s wrong with this story?

More stories and more attention keeping piling in on the new TSA security policies. The latest is a video making the rounds of a young boy being forced to take his shirt off and get frisked before getting through security. But a new poll shows that 81% don’t really care about the pat-down policy, and MSNBC is covering this story as if it George W. Bush were back in office. Is MSNBC really being consistent for once? Or is it something else? Glenn has more on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

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Down with Upton

Meet the leading Republican candidate to be the brand new Chair of Energy and Commerce Committee – Fred Upton. This is the same guy who led the charge to ban certain light bulbs, and if you look at his voting record it more resembles a progressive than a conservative. This is exactly the establishment big government politician who needs to be kept OUT of leadership positions like this. ( Transcript, Insider Audio). Read the story on The Spectator, and also check for more info.

ALSO: Honey, Jim Wallis shrunk the church

Another article Glenn promised would be in the newsletter – it’s from earlier this year but he just saw it recently. It’s all about America’s favorite church going progressive – Jim Wallis. Turns out old Jim was formerly SDS (the radical violent 60’s student group) but now he’s Charlie church. Get the full story HERE.

The town that could change everything

Glenn talks about his upcoming Christmas event in Wilmington, Ohio. This is a town whose citizens are so close knit it almost sounds too Hollywood to be real life. Why is Glenn planning an event in this small town? Even though they were devastated economically after a major business left town, they have pulled together and picked each other up. Glenn has more on this amazing town on radio today.  ( Transcript, Insider Audio, FREE Insider Extreme Clip)

Tickets went on sale this morning for the event in Wilmington on Wednesday, December 15th. All net proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to a local charity in Wilmington, Ohio. Get the details HERE.

Leadership and Crisis

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called into the radio program today to talk about his new book Leadership and Crisis. The book offers an insider’s view into one of the worst environmental disasters our nation has suffered and one of the most unique success stories of American politics. Check out the conversation with one of America’s leading conservative minds on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio, FREE Insider Extreme Clip)

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