Shucks: Private Manning doesn’t like prison

Shucks: Private Manning doesn’t like prison

PFC Bradley Manning, the 22 year old who leaked tens of thousands of classified cables and documents to WikiLeaks, has been sitting in a prison cell for a few months and apparently isn’t having fun:

Paterson says that Manning is “very annoyed” at the conditions of his confinement, adding that he is primarily upset at his inability to exercise. “He sits in this small box, for the most part only to take a shower – he just sits and eats and four months have gone by.”

Aw, isn’t that sad. Maybe Manning should have thought past all the adulation he’d receive from geeky bloggers and considered the legal consequences of his actions. Didn’t he ever watch Baretta? If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Get the full story from The Blaze HERE.

Harry Reid steps up to the plate…for earmarks

Harry Reid isn’t backing down from trillions more planned in earmarks to be spent by Congress – even though the American people sent a clear message on Election Day to STOP SPENDING. He’s actually doubling down on spending – an issue he feels so passionately about. Get the full story HERE.

Larry King’s career is over

That statement was probably valid at least 10 years ago – but it’s official now. The softball interviewer hosted his final program last night and to commemorate the occasion Katie Couric dropped by with an early Christmas present to radio talk show hosts everywhere. She read a poem – and it was so ‘good’ it rivaled the brilliance of Al Gore’s ‘Neptune’s Bones’ poem read to Harry Smith. Pat Gray has the audio of Katie’s poetry and responds with a poem of his own. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

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The Media is next…

Glenn has talked about how progressives are targeting the media as the next essential step in their revolution – and he highlighted their plan to use the race card to get there. Al Sharpton isn’t backing down and now says that Rush Limbaugh may need to go before the FCC to ‘explain’ his racist remarks. Of course, no one seems willing to point out that Sharpton has just a bit of a conflict of interest – his radio show (yes, he has one) actually competes (term used VERY loosely) with two hours of the Rush Limbaugh program. Check out Sharpton’s comments HERE.

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