Glenn to Congress: You are cowards

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Glenn fan hits lottery jackpot

Glenn interviewed today on radio Jim and Carolyn McCullar who just won $190 million dollars in the Mega Millions lotto jackpot. The couple sounds really down to earth and self admittedly don’t come from any kind of money – so how will they be able to stay grounded? Glenn promises to stay in touch and find out. Read more AND watch a free clip at

Glenn to Congress: You are cowards

Well, that didn’t take long – the new Republican Congress was in session all of a few minutes before they managed to hack Glenn off. They promised to read the Constitution before the session for inspiration and guidance. It turned out to be a dog and pony show and they put their weak spines on display as they edited out parts of our history they didn’t have the courage to explain. Find out what they were so afraid of reading AND watch a free clip at!

The 7: How can being weak make you strong? Glenn explained on radio today. Read more and check out a free clip  HERE and learn more about Glenn’s new book HERE.

Charity Hill

Glenn kicked off the New Year with a new attitude and for good reason – the audience is already doing amazing things this year. Glenn has said time and again – YOU are the key. The latest evidence of that was a caller in Michigan who is being part of the solution by building a farm that will help struggling families in the area. Listen to a free clip of the call HERE.

Hypocrisy: Obama says $172k is ‘modest’ pay

President Obama explained why Robert Gibbs would be moving on and the biggest reason seemed to be so Gibbs could go out there and get rich because he’s been working six years with ‘relatively modest pay’. Gibbs earns $172,200 a year. This is coming from a President who has constantly hammered ‘the rich’ and has even said that people can earn ‘too much’ money. Read more about Glenn’s reaction AND watch a free video clip at

Insider Extreme: Jeffy vs. the fattest man in the world (has anyone ever seen that duo in the same place at the same time?).Check out this FREE clip from today’s 4th Hour and members can listen to the full hour HERE. Get Insider Extreme today!

Glenn interviews Michele Bachmann

Will she or will she not run for President against Barack Obama in 2012? Glenn asks that and gets down and dirty in debt ceiling talk with the Congresswoman who the left treat as enemy #1. Watch a free clip of the interview HERE.

TV Tonight: How can you make an action plan for 2011 that you will stick to and how E4 can help fix the country – tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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