Here it comes: word bans!

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Here it comes: word bans!

It took all of a couple days before the big government police were out in force, stoking up the conversation on how to limit conversation. Rep. Robert Brady is trying to ban threatening symbols and words in response to the tragic shooting in Arizona. Glenn reacts to this progressive call to ban certain kinds of speech by calling for a ban of his own. Read more about it AND watch a free clip at

Anyone in the media remember this? In 2008 President Obama told an audience ‘if they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun’… STORY

Anti-government? Not exactly

There is a war of words raging right now, people playing political games and doing their level best to paint conservatives as violent and the ones to blame for the actions of a madman. It’s because of those ‘anti-government’ tea partiers! But is the Tea Party anti-government? No! Glenn explains this and shows how the New York Times treats two similar stories entirely different. Read more AND watch a FREE CLIP at

Where is your evidence? Stu has compiled major media sources admitting that there is no evidence of a tie between conservatives and the Arizona shooter. Forward this to your friends when they say otherwise. READ

Pat goes loco on Joe Scarborough: Pat unleashes on the MSNBC host with a penchant for failure and for saying incredibly stupid things. Watch Pat go off HERE.

Sheriff blames Rush for shooting

Instead of realizing he sounds like a complete moron bashing ‘talk radio’ with zero evidence whatsoever, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik doubled down on his stupidity. Now he is coming out and blaming Rush Limbaugh for the shooting in Arizona. Once again he presented ZERO examples of evidence and uses sweeping generalities while trying to pin the shooting on anything but the actual shooter. Glenn has a live interview with ‘the sheriff’ (who sounds suspiciously like Stu’s Sean Connery impersonation) which you can watch in this FREE CLIP.

Creepy: Mug shot of the AZ killer is a portrait of insanity. He’s eerily grinning ear to ear, which wouldn’t be unusual except for the fact that he just murdered 6 people and injured many more. Get more insight to what his family life was like HERE.

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Glenn interviews Brad Meltzer

Glenn interviews in studio today author of the new book The Inner Circle which Glenn read on vacation and couldn’t put it down. The book starts with a letter and Brad tells that story on radio today. What’s the greatest private tradition of the modern presidency? What was George Washington’s greatest secret? Find out in this FREE CLIP from today’s interview.

Insider Extreme: Have you seen this week’s Czar-At-Large yet? Brian Sack reflects on the many Glenn books from the past year and takes a look at potential new books coming up – WATCH. Missed the radio show today? Don’t miss the daily “FlashBeck” every evening from 6-7pm EST – a complete one hour recap of the best moments from the day’s radio show. Not an Insider Extreme member? Check out all the features and sign up now.

TV Tonight: The word police are on the march — what will be banned next? Glenn has that and more tonight at 5pm on The Fox News Channel!

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