Glenn’s 30 minute conversation with Bono

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Glenn: President was great. Crowd? Not so much

On radio today Glenn gave kudos to the President for a great job on his speech last night, memorializing the victims of the Arizona shooting. He touched on everything Americans needed to hear from their President amidst the ugly fallout and finger pointing in the media. But what was up with the crowd? Read more on Glenn’s take AND watch a free clip from radio today HERE.

Shooter was obsessed with an online documentary

Several days after the shooting more revelations are coming out about what motivated the shooter. One friend claims it was a bizarre online documentary series, if anything, that influenced the thoughts and beliefs of this madman (even so, they aren’t to blame – the crazy guy is to blame). Glenn plays a few of the clips from this documentary – does it lean right or left? Read more and watch a free clip at

Rhetoric? Rendell lashes out: ‘simpletons!’

Glenn highlights the real problem with ‘discourse’ in America today – superiority. He plays the incredibly revealing audio clip of Ed Rendell trying to explain his position on an issue, and when the guest disagrees his reaction is shocking. Read more and watch a free clip HERE.

Reprehensible: Rep. James Clyburn says Sarah Palin is ‘attractive’ but ‘intellectually incapable of understanding’ the shootings in Arizona. WATCH

Glenn’s 30 minute conversation with Bono

The latest in a long line of ‘people who Glenn had no business meeting’ is none other than the lead man for one of the best rock bands of all time: Bono. Yup, after Glenn fed his unhealthy Spider-Man obsession by taking in a second viewing, he was invited back stage and chatted for 30 minutes with Bono and Julie Taymor. Glenn tortured Stu (a huge U2 fan) about the meeting on radio today – watch this free clip and read more at

Interview: Glenn interviews former ’24’ Executive Producer and author Howard Gordon, who has a new book out Gideon’s War. Read more and watch a free clip HERE.

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TV Tonight: The man who introduced America to ‘spin’ and ‘propaganda’ – don’t miss it tonight at 5pm on The Fox News Channel!

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