The real violent rhetoric

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Outrageous: Gov stops people from feeding homeless due to lack of a permit. You can now actually get in trouble for giving food to people. Unbelievable – STORY

The real violent rhetoric

Amazingly, the national debate is still swirling around all that ‘heated rhetoric’ from people in the media. They waste their time reading way, way, way too far into what Glenn or Sean Hannity really meant when they criticized Obamacare or Cap & Trade. While those games are being played, the people who are overtly calling for violence and revolution are being completely ignored. Read more and watch this free clip at

Stu Blog: Quick guide for journalists wishing to do their jobs – READ. You can follow Stu on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

CAIR: don’t talk to the FBI

A webpage promoting a coming CAIR event urges people to build ‘a wall of resistance’ and NOT talk to the FBI. First of all, why would THAT be your first concern? Second – how does NOT talking to the FBI help? Glenn reacts to the poster on radio today and explains that yes, you do need to build a wall of resistance — but not against the FBI. Get more from radio today AND watch a free clip HERE.

That Al Gore is full of crap, man!

Glenn vents a little frustration today as here in the northeast it’s about 3 degrees. The one positive from Al Gore being completely wrong? The massive piles of garbage being neglected by the unions isn’t rotting. It’s getting so bad that even the rats are seeking refuge ( VIDEO). Before the dorks at all the hack Soros blogs blow a gasket – one cold snap does not mean global warming doesn’t exist (but all the other lack of global warming evidence, plus the Climategate emails DOES strongly suggest it). There, you may return to your game of Dungeons & Dragons now. Read more and watch Glenn’s rant on radio HERE.

Where my girls at? N.O.W. silent on Clyburn rant

The National Organization of Women is strangely silent after Rep. James Clyburn called Sarah Palin ‘attractive’ but dumb. Clyburn said this, of course, because he is really REALLY dumb – but to add insult to injury he is also not attractive. Will N.O.W. step up to the plate and prove they are not a political leftist hack organization? Don’t hold your breath. Get the full story and a free clip at

Pat adds another impersonation to his resume: Pat busted out his Tom Brokaw today after Brokaw said he’d be afraid to go to AZ because of their carry laws. Watch the free clip HERE.

Has Glenn cursed Spider-Man?

Glenn admitted he has an unhealthy obsession with Spider-Man, a Broadway show that he is calling the ‘8th wonder of the world’. The last thing the Manhattan theater elite want to happen is have Glenn Beck be the only major figure supporting your show — and now that may be due to more than one reason. Read more and watch a clip from radio today.

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