Disgrace: ABC shrugs off death threat to tea partier

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Disgrace: ABC shrugs off death threat to tea partier

Christiane Amanpour recorded a town hall in Tucson for the latest episode of ‘This Week’ on ABC. The whole event was designed to talk about all the irresponsible rhetoric on the airwaves these days, but towards the end of the event something shocking happened. One of the AZ shooting victims, who was in the front row of the crowd, proceeded to issue a death threat to one of the Tea Partiers on the panel. You already know what would have happened if a Tea Partier would have done that – so how did ABC decide to cover this little revelation (that they had ON TAPE)? Glenn has the complete ABC coverage on radio today – read more and watch a free clip HERE.

Glenn Beck tribute to MLK: Glenn played his Martin Luther King essay, which was recorded over ten years ago but remains as relevant today as ever before. The message from Dr. King just doesn’t age – watch the essay HERE

Glenn & Dr. Keith

Glenn spoke with Dr. Keith Ablow, co-author of The 7: Seven Wonders that will Change your Life, today on the radio program to address a few things. First, not everyone is a heroin addict. Not everyone is at rock bottom. What can people whose lives are in a decent place gain from reading this book? Glenn asks that very question to Dr. Keith. Read more on his response from radio today.

Dana Milbank blatantly lies to blame Glenn for shootings

Like 99.99% of America, you are probably thinking ‘who the hell is Dana Milbank, and why is she bashing Glenn Beck?’ Actually, Dana is a ‘he’ not a ‘she’. And ‘he’ has desperately tried to make a career off bashing Glenn and blaming him for everything bad that happens in the world. Dana is failing spectacularly as evidenced by his lackluster (read: non-existent) book sales – but since he accused Glenn of murder, Glenn addressed the charge on radio today. Read more about it and watch a free clip HERE. Also, Mediaite has a great write up calling out this leftist hack – check it out HERE.

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More leftist hypocrisy: Talk radio rhetoric (like being against Obamacare) caused the AZ shooting – but violent video games have NO IMPACT on children? Get the full story and a free clip from radio on GlennBeck.com.

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