Is Oprah a Tea Partier?

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The President sucks up hosts Chinese President

Just days after Chinese President Hu Jintao said the dollar was a ‘product of the past,’ President Obama welcomes him to the White House for a lavish state dinner. Everyone should get on their knees and pray Obama does a good job schmoozing this guy because we’ll need all the bonus points we can get once China replaces America as the biggest superpower in the world. Make no mistake, that is the direction things are heading. Glenn explains more on radio today – read the summary and watch this FREE CLIP at!

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TARP ain’t nothing compared to pension problems

Remember how George W. Bush and the rest of Congress said we were near collapse and had to ‘abandon the free market system’ in order to save it with TARP? There’s a problem that is nearly twice as large, but no one is rushing to solve it. Pensions. They are so wildly out of control that Detroit is considering closing down schools, or at least increasing class size by 3 to 4 times. In one of the most violent cities in America – Camden, New Jersey – they are talking about cutting back the police force. Glenn reacts on radio today – why is it always the cops and teachers that go first? Read more and watch a FREE CLIP here.

Glenn on The Today Show

Glenn and Dr. Keith Ablow will be appearing on The Today Show Wednesday morning to try and convince Meredith Viera (along with the millions watching) that our problems cannot be solved in Washington, DC.  Fixing our country starts with fixing ourselves, and that’s why they wrote the new book The 7: Seven Wonders that will Change Your Life together.  Tune in to The Today Show tomorrow morning at 7:40am and 9:00am to find out if Glenn and Dr. Keith are able to change any minds.

Are you living with purpose?

You may not have hit rock bottom like Glenn did many years ago, but if you are just trudging along day by day, just getting by then it’s time to realize that you were meant for so much more. But how do you unlock that potential? Glenn and Dr. Keith Ablow believe their new book, The 7, is a great place to start. Check out the latest from Dr. Keith and Glenn at the brand new website dedicated to the book: And be sure to keep up to date with Dr. Ablow’s latest blog posts HERE.

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Shocker: Oprah doesn’t like giving to IRS

During an interview on CNN last night Oprah expressed her disgust each time she has to write a check to the IRS. That’s an especially interesting emotion for her since she has openly supported and campaigned for tax and spend leftists. Glenn explains on radio today why it hurts Oprah so much to write that check. Read more and watch a FREE CLIP here.

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