CNN apologizes for ‘crosshairs’

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Glenn appears on the ‘TODAY’ show with Dr. Keith Ablow

Glenn made his debut appearance on the ‘TODAY’ show to talk about his new book, The 7, co-authored by Dr. Keith Ablow. Things got off to a harmless enough start, but what’s a good MSM interview without trying to teach Glenn a lesson. Were they so preoccupied with ‘rhetoric’ that they missed the point of the book? Watch the interview HERE. And you can find out more about Glenn’s post interview reaction from radio today.

PLUS: Check out the latest from Dr. Keith and Glenn at the brand new website dedicated to the book:

Imus to Glenn: ‘I hate everything about everybody’

Glenn and Dr. Keith’s book tour rolled on this morning with a visit to the eternally jovial Don Imus, who during the interview told Glenn and Dr. Keith that he hated everything about everybody. Could Dr. Keith and The 7 work some magic in Don’s worse-than-he-looks attitude? Watch the interview to find out and catch Glenn’s post interview commentary on radio HERE.

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CNN apologizes for using term ‘crosshairs’

A CNN host revealed just how dumb they think their audience is by apologizing for using the term ‘crosshairs’ while debating the politics of the day. Do they really think Americans are so stupid, so reactionary that if they hear the word ‘crosshair’ they’ll start shooting? So that’s the standard? Ok – from 1982-2005 they aired a program called ‘Crossfire’…during those 23 years on air, 1.3 billion people died. CNN has some explaining to do! Read more of Glenn’s reaction to this debate crushing trend and watch a FREE CLIP here.

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Oh, the rhetoric!

Rhetoric is making a strong case for being on the top words list of 2011, even though it really shouldn’t be an issue. People should be free to say whatever they want – or should they? Today Glenn took a caller who made a shocking confession and described how rhetoric made him do something horrible as a child. Read more and watch a free clip at

Michael Moore: People own guns because they’re fearful racists – STORY

MSNBC Host Falsely Accuses Glenn of Murder…Again. Get the details HERE. And for Stu and Pat’s reaction listen to today’s Insider Extreme 4th Hour. Not a member? Sign up now.

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