Chris Matthews sets hypocrisy speed record

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Painful: Rep. Lewis says ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ makes Obamacare constitutional

Congressman John Lewis attempted to explain what in the Constitution exactly made Obamacare legal – his answer was interesting, to say the least. He claimed ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and ‘the 14th amendment’ along with a few mumbles. There’s a reason it’s fairly difficult to explain that answer – because there is no good answer. Glenn plays the audio on radio today and reacts – watch a free clip HERE. For the full story, go to The Blaze.

Chris Matthews sets hypocrisy speed record: Calls for end to ‘extreme’ rhetoric from ‘nutcase’ Bachmann in less than 60 seconds…get the full story at

Glenn’s latest exclusive documentary: Rumors of War

Mercury’s next exclusive documentary, Rumors of War, is a thorough examination of the fanatical Iranian government and their beliefs and history. The complete 1-hour special will premiere Wednesday, January 26th @ 8:00pm only on Insider Extreme. Click HERE for a sneak peek at the preview trailer.

Rhetoric: Dem compares GOP repeal bill to ‘Goebbels’, then doubles down

Hack leftist bloggers were forced to end their 19 hour StarCraft II marathon session, eagerly awaiting Glenn to hammer the Democratic Congressman who said the GOP was like Goebbels. They were standing by with all of their ‘Glenn said so and so used Nazi tactics!’…Oh, they were probably very disappointed with Glenn’s reaction (except they could now start another StarCraft II marathon). Read more and watch a FREE CLIP here.

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Don’t forget to catch the premiere of “The 7 Live” this Friday.  Join Dr. Keith Ablow as he leads Glenn Beck fans facing personal struggles through a healing journey using the 7 Wonders from the new book, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. Starting this Friday at 2pm Eastern, you can join them in this life-changing experience LIVE by visiting Glenn talked more about it with Dr. Ablow on radio today. Check out the preview trailer and today’s interview HERE.

Wilmington still inspiring: See what Wilmington taught us and how we all left a little more enlightened than when we first arrived. Insider Extreme members can watch HERE. Not a member? Sign up now.

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