What’s the only debate that matters today?

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They aren’t even trying anymore: Another day, another completely baseless attack on Glenn Beck. Lefty blogs are passing around what seems to be a clip of Glenn engaging in violent rhetoric – but, of course, it’s taken completely out of context. Shameless. Glenn exposes the lie on radio today — The Blaze has the complete breakdown of the lie HERE.

No way: MTV facing child porn charges over racy teen show

Their latest reality show has pushed even MTV’s loose standards. The new show called ‘Skins’ features teens doing drugs, engaging in sex, doing more drugs and having more sex. As if that’s not bad enough – the actors in this program aren’t adults who look younger – they are actual 15 year olds! Glenn talks about this show and other high quality TV programming – read more and watch a free clip at GlennBeck.com!

Study: After 2 years in college, 45% of students didn’t learn anything

After 100 years of progressive indoctrination at Universities and Colleges, today’s students are paying the price. After 2 years in college, almost half the students haven’t learned anything. They couldn’t decipher fact from opinion — and it only gets worse from there. How bad? Glenn has the shocking answer on radio today – get the full story at GlennBeck.com!

New Programming Alert! At 2p ET today we premiered a new series called “The 7…Live.”  In it, Dr. Ablow leads real Glenn Beck fans facing personal struggles through a healing journey using the 7 wonders from the new book: The 7: Seven Wonders that Will Change your Life. It is raw, unscripted, completely FREE and airs Fridays at 2 pm ET. If you missed today’s episode – don’t worry you can view previous episodes at GlennBeck.com/The7. Check out what Glenn and the staff had to say just moments before showtime HERE.

The only debate that matters: The American Experiment

Why was the American experiment called an experiment? Because it had never been tried before. What had never been tried? Man ruling themselves. Progressives and those trying to ‘fundamentally transform’ the republic don’t believe the American experiment has been a success. Glenn explains on radio today how nearly every political argument in the spotlight today shouldn’t even begin until the question ‘do you believe man can rule themselves?’ has been asked. Read more and watch a free clip HERE.

Stu Blog: Guess where Jared Loughner’s favorite conspiracy movie is being shown? Surely, it’s in a hard core right wing paradise…right? Find out while taking a little drive with Stu.

Exclusive Documentary from Insider Extreme: Rumors of War

Mercury’s next exclusive documentary, Rumors of War, is a thorough examination of the fanatical Iranian government and their beliefs and history. The complete 1-hour special premiers Wednesday, January 26th @ 8:00pm only on Insider Extreme.  Click  HERE for a sneak peek at the preview trailer.

More Liberal Lies: The left is relentless in their mission to convince you that Global Warming is a man-made problem, but they conveniently forget to mention previous warming and cooling periods throughout history. Watch as Professor Larry Schweikart debunks the climate change myth for the last time in this week’s Liberal Lies on Insider Extreme.

FREE GLENN! Can’t find Glenn in your local area? No problem! Visit GlennBeck.com and listen to the radio program for free! Find out how HERE.

Comedy Gold: Stu and Pat think they’ve hit comedy gold in a bit about China’s President – but it sounds a lot like a famous baseball bit from the 1930’s. Watch a free clip HERE.

TV Tonight: It’s been 40 days since cameras stopped rolling in Wilmington – what’s happened since? Watch tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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