The recent assassination attempt ignored by the media

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The assassination attempt you’ve never heard of

With all this heated rhetoric causing right wing Tea Partiers to translate words like ‘crosshairs’ into ‘I must go shoot people’ – you’d think an assassination attempt on the Democratic Governor of Missouri would have garnered national attention. Why didn’t it? You guessed it – because this would-be assassin was a leftist! Glenn has more on the blatant hypocrisy and blind agenda driven ‘news’ on radio today. Read and watch a FREE CLIP at

Media misses Piven: While the NYT focuses on Glenn, they miss Piven’s actual calls for violence. National Review’s Stanley Kurtz details the media negligence on the radical Piven – STORY.

Glenn’s latest doc drops Wednesday

Rumors of War takes a serious look at the threat a nuclear Iran poses to the United States and Israel – an especially critical piece considering no one else in the media bothers looking into it. Learn about Iran’s quest to hasten the return of the 12th Imam, their links to Hezbollah and Hamas, and how their ambitions will put the entire world at risk. Don’t miss Rumors of War this Wednesday at 8 pm EST only on Insider Extreme! Not a member? You can not miss this documentary. Check out all the other features you are missing out on and sign up now.

You’re fired! Olbermann OUT at MSNBC

In a sudden, relatively unexpected move Keith Olbermann announced on Friday that ‘he was told’ it would be his last show. The writing was on the wall after several in house altercations clearly irked the suits at MSNBC – enough to send their top rated host packing. Glenn once predicted that the Comcast merger could mean trouble for hosts like Olbermann – and Olbermann ironically said Glenn had ‘no idea’ about the TV business. Watch the video from radio today.

Chinese pianist plays anti-U.S. song @ State Dinner

As a general rule of thumb, Glenn does not call for firings – not even with Van Jones. But after the latest display of ignorance from this administration (Winston Churchill bust, DVD’s that don’t work as gifts, etc) someone needs to get a pink slip. At the State Dinner, the Chinese pianist decided to play a famous anti-American song to serenade the guests. Why does Glenn give Barack Obama a pass, and who does he blame? Read more and watch a FREE CLIP at

The 7…Live: On Friday we premiered a new series called “The 7…Live.”  In it, Dr. Ablow leads real Glenn Beck fans facing personal struggles through a healing journey using the 7 wonders from the new book: The 7: Seven Wonders that Will Change your Life. It is raw, unscripted and completely FREE. If you missed the first episode, you can watch it at Tune in this Friday at 2pm for the next episode and share your story with us by visiting The 7 Facebook page.

TV Tonight: Glenn firmly fixes Reason (and the New York Times) in her seat – don’t miss it tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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