Obama’s super crafty SOTU code language

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Obama’s super crafty SOTU code language

Amazingly, CBS host Chris Wragge calls out Senior White House Advisor, Valerie Jarrett for droning on and on about the ‘problems’ this administration inherited 78 years ago. He basically says that’s great, but what about going forward? That’s when the fancy new word for ‘spending’ was revealed: investing. Read more from radio today and watch a free clip HERE.

KC Star sets itself up for humiliation

The Kansas City Star didn’t listen or watch Glenn’s reaction to the shockingly non-widespread news that the Missouri Governor was the target of an assassination attempt. If they did, they would have realized that Glenn actually praised them for at least mentioning the story. Needless to say, their attempt to put Glenn in his place for something he didn’t do did not go over very well. Read more from radio and check out this FREE CLIP at GlennBeck.com!

Obama White House defends anti-American State Dinner music

The defense? He played it because he loved the melody, not the lyrics. Ohhh, that’s a perfectly non-logical explanation that completely doesn’t answer the question. With Obama’s press team, it’s as if they speak hoping no one will notice what they just said. That’s the dumbest defense possibly ever. Get the full story on the one thing this American apology tour happy White House will defend: anti-American music HERE.

What is the dumbest thing Harry Reid has ever said?

It’s tough to narrow it down, as stupid comments flow out of Reid’s mouth like the Salmon of Capistrano. Despite the monumental task, on radio today they attempted to identify the dumbest thing Harry Reid has ever said. Hispanics can’t be Republicans, the war is lost, voluntary tax system, and the latest hit: Social Security is a program that’s working. What was crowned dumbest? Read more and watch a free clip at GlennBeck.com!

Van Jones’ ridiculous dream: Make everyone the same!

Van Jones has a vision one day where everyone is exactly the same! Maybe we can all have gray cars and gray houses and wear gray matching clothes. All have the same TVs and same internet access – hmmm, that sounds like something familiar. What is it? Glenn explains on radio today: watch a free clip HERE.

Glenn’s latest documentary airs TOMORROW

“Rumors of War” takes a serious look at the threat a nuclear Iran poses to the United States and Israel – an especially critical piece considering no one else in the media bothers looking into it. Learn about Iran’s quest to hasten the return of the 12th Imam, their links to Hezbollah and Hamas, and how their ambitions will put the entire world at risk. Don’t miss “Rumors of War” tomorrow at 8 pm EST only on Insider Extreme. Get all the details and watch the trailer HERE. Be sure and take this quiz on Facebook to find out how much you know about the threatening Iranian regime.

Has The 7 helped you?

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