Pres. Obama = Dr. Evil?

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Glenn reacts to SOTU: Obama worse than Dr. Evil?

Obama’s big solution at the State of the Union? Bullet trains! If there’s one thing Americans have shown time and time again, it is an insatiable desire for more trains – just like Amtrak! (who averages $32 losses PER PASSENGER – 41 of 44 routes lose money). Obama stressed the need for more spending on infrastructure. Glenn points out that usually when someone doles out $1 trillion dollars (Stimulus Package) they demand accountability and results. Obama just wants MORE! How does Dr. Evil come into play? Find out in Glenn’s reaction – read and watch HERE.

Obama demonizes oil companies…

More from the SOTU speech last night – once again oil was targeted as the big villain. Oil is acting as the beard to Obama’s repeated failed attempts to over subsidize ‘green energy’ products that have yet to produce anything of real lasting value to the country. All we end up doing is propping up failed ideas – check out more of Glenn’s SOTU reaction from radio today.

Another big hire at Mercury: S.E. Cupp the latest member of Glenn’s team – Get the details HERE.

Rumors of War: Glenn interviews Joel Rosenberg

Tonight at 8pm EST on Insider Extreme is the exclusive, original documentary from Mercury Radio Arts Rumors of War which focuses on the threat Iran poses to America and the rest of the world. Glenn’s team spent an entire year researching and interviewing those closest to the situation and he chats with Joel Rosenberg today on radio about the progress Iran has made toward achieving their insidious goals. Get the full story and watch Glenn’s interview with Rosenberg HERE. This is a documentary you can’t afford to miss – get more details and sign up now.

Glenn on his new diet: I want to hang myself

Anyone expecting Glenn to trim down? Don’t hold your breath. He talked a little about his new diet on radio today, and after running down a list of things Glenn is currently eating – this diet doesn’t stand a chance. The diet talk spirals out of control and somehow ends in a debate about the Cheesecake Factory and overhyped Italian desserts. Read more and watch a FREE CLIP from radio today at

GOP response content ignored, minute technical problems highlighted: Not shockingly, the media and blogs are all buzzing about the GOP responses to the President’s speech last night. But not about any of the content – instead they focused on Michele Bachmann looking into the wrong camera and Paul Ryan’s bloodshot eyes. Read more and watch a free clip HERE.

Stu Blog: It’s the assassination attempt most have never heard of.  But how can comparisons made by our listeners be “absolutely ludicrous and insulting” when The Kansas City Star doesn’t have the facts?  Stu responds to their response in the latest Stu blog.

The 7

On Friday we premiered a new series called “The 7…Live.”  In it, Dr. Ablow leads real Glenn Beck fans facing personal struggles through a healing journey using the 7 wonders from the new book: The 7: Seven Wonders that Will Change your Life. Now you can share your story on The 7 Facebook page! Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore – discover The 7 right now! Tune in this Friday at 2pm for the next episode.

TV Tonight: Glenn breaks down Obama’s speech and gives what he should have covered tonight at 5pm, only on The Fox News Channel!

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