Fail: caller debates Glenn on ‘historical fact’

Egypt in chaos: internet, cell phones shut down

Protests are out of control in Egypt – several people and at least one police officer has died already, with unconfirmed reports of more casualties pouring in by the hour. The country is up in arms, fed up with having one leader for a three decade span. “They (the government) want to destroy the whole country to keep one man in power” said one protester as he ran by a reporter. VP Joe Biden was asked about the chaos and managed to add to his long list of gaffes – read and watch a free clip of what he said at!

Chris ‘balloon head’ Matthews

It’s not clear exactly when Chris Matthews lost his sanity – but what is clear is that it has indeed been lost. Matthews called Michele Bachmann a ‘balloon head’ for referring to John Quincy Adams and his fight against slavery.  Anyone who hasn’t been indoctrinated by progressives would know that it is indeed Matthews who is guilty of balloon headedness because Bachmann was historically accurate. Glenn takes pity on Matthews and offers to help him out — find out how on radio today.

LOL: Maddow producer says ‘MSNBC does not have a political agenda’ – STORY.

Josh calls to argue 3/5 clause, fails spectacularly

A perfect example of why you need to understand and debate history happened on radio today when Josh called in to slam Michele Bachmann and the ‘racist’ nature of the 3/5 clause. Progressives love to cite this as an example of how racist the founding fathers were – when in fact it proves the exact opposite. Check out the spectacular call fail on radio today.

Karma: Errant text message accidentally detonates suicide bomber, saving hundreds – STORY.

New episode of “The 7…Live”

Glenn has been saying for months that the solution to America’s problems will never come from Washington – it will come from the individual. Fix our priorities, address our weaknesses, and we fix America. Dave called at the beginning of the year – depressed, hopeless, even contemplating taking his own life. He happened to hear Glenn talking about The 7 and decided to give it a whirl. Dave was today’s guest on our new series “The 7…Live” with Dr. Keith Ablow and he has an amazing story.  It’s raw, unscripted and totally FREE. If you missed today’s episode (which was live at 2 pm) you can watch previous episodes HERE. Plus be sure and share your story with us HERE.

Was there ever a doubt? Rahm Emanuel ruled eligible for Chicago Mayoral race – STORY.

In case you missed it Rumors of War, our newest full length documentary, is now available ON DEMAND. It focuses on the threat Iran poses to America and the rest of the world – an especially critical piece considering no one else in the media bothers looking into it. Don’t miss it.

Tonight on TV: The propaganda tactics of Edward Bernays were so effective they are still being used today. Find out how tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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