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Media missing the boat on Egypt

Watching the coverage of the violent protests in Egypt leaves viewers with many more questions than answers, as the media offered little background and even praised radical anti-American groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera. Not many people would describe the group who birthed Hamas, or had the 9/11 masterminds as members, or sports a consistent pattern of violence and hatred for America as ‘courageous’, ‘brave’ and ‘working tirelessly’ for justice. Glenn explains what the media won’t – this chaos isn’t random, it’s just the beginning. Read more and watch a free clip HERE. What stories were the media covering? Find out in this FREE CLIP.

Why were socialists rallying in support of Egypt this weekend? The Blaze has the story.

Ouch: Which Democratic Senator doesn’t know the three branches of government? WATCH

And the 5th Hour host is…

As Insider Extreme members know, programming doesn’t stop on after hour 3. Stu & Pat host the critically acclaimed ‘4th Hour’ Monday through Friday. Recently, the internet has been buzzing with rumors as to the identity of the host slated to do the brand new 5th Hour program – the wait is finally over:  Mercury Radio Arts is pleased to announce that S.E. Cupp is the new 5th Hour host! Check out Glenn’s conversation with S.E. on radio today. Plus want to get to know S.E. a little better – check out her new webpage HERE.

UN Sec. Gen: Capitalism, schmapitalism – it’s time for a revolution!

Thought the U.N. was solely about helping the needy? Glenn plays the words of Ban Ki-Moon, who was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He says that Capitalism is a ‘suicide’ pact and openly calls for revolution to help make the necessary reforms. Get the full story and watch a free clip at

Missed The 7?

Glenn has been saying for months that the solution to America’s problems will never come from Washington – it will come from the individual. Fix our priorities, address our weaknesses, and we fix America. Dave called at the beginning of the year – depressed, hopeless, even contemplating taking his own life. He happened to hear Glenn talking about The 7 and decided to give it a whirl. Dave was the guest on Friday’s episode of “The 7…Live” with Dr. Keith Ablow and he has an amazing story.  It’s raw, unscripted and totally FREE. If you missed Friday’s episode you can watch previous episodes HERE. Plus be sure and share your story with us HERE.

Want to intern at Mercury? Find out how HERE.

Tonight on TV: Violence and chaos have erupted in the Middle East – what does it mean and how does it impact the average American? Find out tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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